Brabender Technologie



Brabender Technologie’s core areas of business are the production of machines and systems for feeding, weighing, discharging and flow metering of bulk ingredients. As one of the world's leading feeder suppliers, our equipment is found in all bulk ingredient processing industries. Besides our international headquarters in Duisburg, Germany, we have subsidiaries and affiliates all over the world. From all our locations we offer our customers feeders, discharge aids and flow meters for their specific requirements and, being a competent and reliable partner, help them with our services.


Since its founding in Duisburg, Germany, in 1957, Brabender Technologie has been working with bulk ingredient feeding, weighing, discharging and flow metering. Through the decades we have become one of the world's leading feeder suppliers. With regional headquarters in Germany, North America, Russia, Dubai, China and India and a worldwide sales, consulting, service and spare parts network the business today operates as an international group with the highest quality standards.

Bulk ingredient processing industries cannot be imagined without Brabender machinery and systems, so – for instance – the plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pet food, detergent, ceramics, glass and construction material industries, to name just a few.

The product line comprises gravimetric metering feeders (loss-in-weight feeders, weigh-belt feeders), volumetric feeders, weigh-batching systems, discharge aids (vibratory bin activators, bulk bag unloaders) and flow meters for bulk ingredients.

Consulting, feeding and discharging trials in our world-wide test labs, start-ups, operator training and after-sales service around the clock are of course also self-evident services we render to our clients.