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Dispersion Dryers


Dispersion dryers for sensitive powders

Compact, heavy duty, and easy to use, the Allgaier Dispersion Dryer requires less energy compared to convection dryers and has extremely efficient heat transfer.

Dispersion dryers can be used virtually in all industrial sectors, from stones & soil to foodstuffs. It gently dries in seconds, preventing overheating of product. This makes the Allgaier dispersion dryer ideal for handling fine powders with very high moisture content that typically disintegrate during drying. It can also be used for pneumatically conveyed materials.

Ideal for: Starches, potato granules, sodium sulfate, grass fibers, chitosan, film scraps


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    Allgaier Dispersion Dryer FL – T – 1.80 used for drying of potato granules. An integral part of a complete plant for processing of 14 tons/hour fresh potatoes.


    The dispersion dryer consists of a stationary cylindrical enclosure that is split by a perforated distribution plate. The drying air enters through a port underneath the distribution plate and flows upward in a spiral pattern.

    Wet material is fed from above into a quickly rotating impeller and dispersed through the air by the airflow. By using a variety of impellers, clumping materials with a high moisture content are efficiently disintegrated. The intensive circulation of the material and drying air maximizes the transfer of heat and mass, achieving significantly more efficient drying than would be possible with a conventional flow dryer.

    The dried end product is discharged through downstream cyclone separators or fine particle filters.

    • Drying takes only a few seconds and goes easy on the material
    • Uniform flow pattern prevents material from overheating
    • Even clumping material with a very high moisture content can be dried directly without any pretreatment
    • Materials with an extremely high moisture content can normally be dried in a single pass without having to feed the material back in
    • Can also be used as a cost-effective pre-dryer in multi-stage drying systems
    • Low operating costs thanks to high water evaporation performance
    • Optimum investment costs thanks to compact, space-saving design
    • Can use all common heating media such as natural gas, saturated steam, hot water, electric heat, and thermal fluids
    • Food
    • Stones
    • Soil
    • Plastics
    • Chemicals
    • Waste/recycling

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