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Mogensen Sizers


The new Mogensen MSizer – the most powerful and flexible long deck classifier.


The machines combine maximum economic and technical efficiency benefiting from a new screen deck concept with a modified angle of inclination of the screens.
MSizer extend


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    Screening, Classifying, & Separation

    The new Mogensen MSizer extend and MSizer giant are the most powerful and most flexible long deck classifier machine according to the Sizer principle.

    The MSizer extend combines state-of-the-art technology with decades of extensive knowledge and expertise. The result is an even more accurate screening process
    with increased throughput in a smaller footprint.

    • Separate larger volumes of material
    • Clogging effectively eliminated
    • Smaller footprint screener
    • Simple screen replacement with 1 person
    • Use up to 20% less energy
    • Significantly reduced operating costs

    The MSizer extend features two to six screen decks arranged on top of each other, depending on the application. The topmost screen has the smallest inclination and the bottommost screen has the greatest inclination. In the newly designed compact housing, the MSizer screens are actuated with a defined linear swing-amplitude using two vibration motors or exciters. With the precisely designed swing-amplitude the fines flow quickly, almost vertically downwards, while the coarse grains are separated from the material stream with highest efficiency.

    Screener Clogging is effectively eliminated by means of thin material layers on the screen decks and a significantly increased throughput is achieved. The bigger screen mesh sizes compared to cut point counteract the formation of thick material layers and clogging and lead to a significantly higher throughput and lifetime of the screens.

    Conventional screening technology.

    Conventional screening

    Traditional Mogensen Screening

    Traditional Mogensen Sizer Technology

    MSizer extend: The new dimension of screening

    MSizer extend: New screening technology
    The screening principle makes the difference
    Mogensen screeners
    The Sizer Principle is based on the idea to screen coarse out of the fines by means of several screen decks lying upon each other.
    • By that the fines is able to fall downwards unresistedly


    • Only a thin material layer thickness enables this effect


    • By means of increasingly strong inclinated screen decks the Sizer achieves the high throughput


    • Optimal screening accuracy for excellent process results
    • Highest availability and production reliability
    • Safe and fast screen and motor changes
    • Lower dynamic loads on steel support structure for lower investment costs
    • Reduced energy consumption up to 20%
    • MSizer giant increases the average throughput of up to 35% compared to the MSizer extend, and with it enables reduction or avoidance of parallel machine arrangements within a production plant and decrease in the investment and operating costs.
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    MSzier screeners
    • ATEX version
    • Motor and brake control system
    • Electronic machine monitoring system
    • Integrated material distribution system
    • Mechanical screen cleaning system
    • Pneumatic screen cleaning system
    • Screen tension monitoring system
    • Electrical screen deck heating system
    • Industrial and stainless steel version


    Mogensen Sizers are powerful and flexible screening machines for bulk solids in the processing industry.

    A pioneer in screening technology, Fredrik Mogensen AB was founded in 1947 in Sweden. and has been part of the Allgaier-Group since 1995. The invention of the Mogensen Sizer screening machine in the 1950s was its first major innovation. This machine is regarded as ground-breaking because of its compact design, high performance and ease of maintenance.

    Based on the expertise of more than 3,000 material test series, Fredrik Mogensen AB is experienced in screening more than 400 various kinds of bulk materials.

    Over 2,000 customers worldwide benefit from the extensive knowledge of Fredrik Mogensen AB. The company stands for high quality products and a strong customer focus. The mission is to always deliver a complete solution based on customer screening needs.

    Sizer handing capabilities cover a wide range of materials, going from fine materials, through medium sizes with high feed rates, all the way to material chunks weighing up to 3 metric tons. Their clients include a broad variety of industrial sectors worldwide.