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End-of-line packaging processes and technologies - particularly palletizing and pallet packaging - play a critical role in safeguarding product in its highest value-added state for delivery to and use by customers, as well as in driving packaging line profitability. Poorly formed pallet loads, for example, can increase transportation costs and time-to-market. Similarly, non-optimized pallet packaging leaves pallet loads unstable, making them especially vulnerable to tipping, spillage, and damage. The financial costs can erode margins, while reputational costs can cut into a company's market share.

Beumer transport packaging capability ranges from:


The efficient and safe packaging of products is a big cross-industry challenge successfully mastered by BEUMER Group through long years of engagement and experience. Irrespective of the application, be it in the chemical, building materials or food and beverage industry, BEUMER Group equipment and solutions make reliable and sustainable packaging of any product possible.

The foundation of an intelligent, sustainable platform for end-of-line packaging, 3P™ from BEUMER Group is an outcome-based approach to palletising and pallet packaging processes and technologies.

3P focuses on the right inputs that contribute to better end-of-line packaging health - and to better business results - including superior product protection with unmatched precision in repeatability of quality, cost control, and operational predictability. All of which contribute to better performance for you and for your customers.

Protection - A manufactured product is in its highest value-added state when it leaves a final production facility. And that's why damage or loss in distribution is particularly costly - both financially and in terms of brand reputation.

Precision - Like any complex system, a business depends on precision for success. Precision in planning, precision in execution, and precision in financial and market performance. Precision drives true quality. Precision reduces process variability, enabling customers to have a superior experience with a business' brand while contributing to better overall cost performance. Precision is the key to true value for all stakeholders.

Performance - Customer preferences are influenced by performance and end-of-line packaging plays a critical role in driving performance - both in and out of a production facility.

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Practical, efficient and space-saving packaging technology

The BEUMER stretch hood® A uses an improved mode of operation to package palletised load units quickly, safely and sustainably in water-proof film hoods. This provides reliable protection for the goods against all environmental stress ensuring excellent load stability. The palletised goods are clearly visible due to the smooth surface of the transparent film. This offers excellent display characteristics for presenting goods.

In terms of handling, the system impresses with a sustainably optimised work environment and system control. The system is easy to operate by the modular, space-saving BEUMER Group HMI (human machine interface) with a soft-touch panel, a graphical user interface and pictograms. The panel also gives the operator access to all the required training programs. Some of them are video-supported to achieve the best possible training effect.

Low-maintenance, excellent packaging capacity and short downtimes mean that the machine pays dividends in the shortest possible time. Film rolls are easily changed using a fork-lift truck and thanks to easy film feeding without time-consuming threading of the film. There is no need for a film sealing seam cooling time.

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Beumer Stretch Hood


Weatherproof packaging for high-level product protection

The new BEUMER bag-in-bag® is the ideal addition to existing filling and packaging systems. This procedure permits packaging paper bags after filling – either individually or in multiples – quickly and reliably in a weather-resistant plastic film. This ensures that your products are perfectly protected against moisture, dust, insect infestation and other environmental factors when they are transported or stored.

  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Use of thin films for optimised material utilisation
  • Weather resistance for high-level product protection
  • Simple retrofitting of existing systems
  • Can be individually combined with existing filling systems for optimum flexibility
  • Increased filling capacity

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Doing more with less

Various solutions made by BEUMER Group are available to users' worldwide.

Sling palletizing
Slip sheet palletizing
BEUMER paketpac® - shrink
BEUMER paketpac® - stretch

Taking the decision to go pallet less should be reviewed under the perpective of creating a logistically manageable load. Should your distribution chain meet those requirements you could benefit from:

  • Significant reduction of CO2 emissions due to reduced transportation efforts (weight, increased utilization of container or trucks, eliminating of empty pallet transport, etc.)
  • Improved hygiene
  • 6 sided environmental protection
  • Reduced handling
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Less onsite storage required
  • Increased system reliability

Our goal is to improve the use of recyclable materials and to re use them within the packaging material chain according to the cradle-to-cradle principle. With the BEUMER Group palletless approach we not only want to do things right, we want to do the right things.

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