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Perfect solutions for any palletizing requirement

Whether for the building materials, cement, chemical or food and animal feed industries – BEUMER palletizers feature first-class stack quality and high reliability.

BEUMER palletizing technology is customized to meet different requirements and requests and takes the characteristics of the individual packaged goods into account, as well as the desired packing patterns and pallet sizes. BEUMER Group palletizing systems ensure gentle handling and optimal palletizing of all packages. The optimally palletized load units ensure safe transport and positive feedback from the receiver.

BEUMER Group offers a graduated and comprehensive product range for a variety of tasks. The modular design of each machine allows for quick and easy adjustments, in case higher capacities are required.


BEUMER palletising technology offers substantial programs for all common packing patterns and pallet sizes. At the touch of a button, the systems can be flexibly adapted to any size or material change.


  • Graduated and comprehensive product range consisting of high-level and robotic palletizers
  • Maximum capacities of up to 5,500 units per hour
  • Simple upgrade due to modular design
  • More than 40 years of experience in designing, developing and installing high-capacity palletizers

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Innovative palletizing with state-of-the-art technology

BEUMER Group has developed flexible robotic palletizers with gripper elements to meet the different requirements - bagged goods, cartons, cardboard boxes, crates or canisters. The BEUMER robotpac® series ensures first class stack quality, gentle product handling and high reliability.

The BEUMER robotpac® palletizes and depalletizes various types of packages using specifically developed gripper elements. The BEUMER interface control ensures a user-friendly handling, as well as a flexible adjustment to changing conditions of use. Even complex processes with varying basic parameters can be solved in a reliable and efficient way.

BEUMER robotpac® systems feature energy efficiency and maximum accuracy when the layers are formed on pallets. They are also suitable for bagged products and can be reconfigured very easily for frequent product changes.

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Beumer robotic palletizer

high-level palletizing

Reliable Palletizing of Sensitive and Robust Goods

BEUMER paletpac® high-level palletisers fulfil the requirements of various industries. The BEUMER paletpac® is particularly suited for the gentle palletising of highly sensitive bagged products in the lower capacity range. BEUMER paletpac® high-capacity palletisers are used for gentle, safe and efficient palletising of robust bagged products in particularly high quantities.

BEUMER paletpac® high-level palletizers fulfill the requirements of various industries. The BEUMER paletpac® is particularly suited for the gentle palletizing of highly sensitive bagged products in the lower capacity range. BEUMER paletpac® high-capacity palletizers are used for gentle, safe and efficient palletizing of robust bagged products in particularly high quantities.

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Compact, space-saving system for palletizing and stretch hooding

BEUMER Compac is a combination of the BEUMER paletpac® and the BEUMER stretch hood® packaging system. It enables you to precisely stack up to 2,500 bags per hour onto pallets on a floor space of only 13.5 m x 7.5 m and then package the bags with the proven BEUMER stretch hood procedure. The palletized load units are transported on a single roller conveyor to the packaging system. It is not necessary to center the pallets, due to the short conveying route.

The entire system, from palletizing to packaging, is operated and controlled via a common control cabinet including HMI. This saves time, costs and efforts, during installation and operation.

  • Performance range: 1,200 to 2,500 bags per hour
  • Less space required, smaller floor space due to compact system design
  • Ground-level bag flattening conveyor, no separate access necessary
  • Only one control cabinet, joint operation and control of palletising and packaging
  • Joint safety circuit
  • Minimal platform size of only 2.3 m²

Small floor space, high capacity: even in areas where more storage space is required, bagged goods can still be efficiently palletized and packaged. In order to save space, we combined two highly efficient BEUMER systems. The result is a system that requires little space, saves costs and impresses with its great performance: the BEUMER compac.

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Beumer Compac Palleztizing system