Isolation Flap Valve



[title_box title=”Interceptor®-FV™ isolation flap valve by CV Technology” custom_class=”color-1″]

CV technology explosion isolation flap vlave

  • NFPA 69 compliant design
  • Unique valve design that stays normally open even without airflow
  • Less pressure drop compared to similar designs
  • Locking shut flap that signals when shut
  • Passive valve with limited maintenance requirements
  • Short installation distances
  • Carbon and stainless steel versions

CV technology explosion isolation flap vlave



The Interceptor®-FV™ is a NFPA 69 compliant passive flap style isolation valve. When an explosion begins to propagate down a pipeline the flap valve automatically closes from the pressure of the explosion. The flap valve remains shut and is designed to prevent any flame from further propagation.

Unique to the Interceptor®-FV™ is a flap that is designed to stay normally open. Typical flap valves rely on the flow of air in a pipe to lift up the flap. The Interceptor®-FV™ is able to offer lower pressure drops across the valve compared to other valves by featuring a normally open flap.

Additional features include an integrated sensor to signal when the flap is shut, a variety of sizes to fit any application, and is available in both stainless or carbon steel designs.



Flap valves are designed for use in clean air and low product loading applications. The Interceptor®-FV™ flap valve is an ideal passive isolation device for dust collection systems, cyclones, mill air intakes, and dehumidification lines.

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