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CV Technology isolation valves ventex valve

  • ATEX Certified and NFPA 69 compliant design
  • Valve can be configured to isolate in both directions
  • Pressure containment rated
  • Passive valve with limited maintenance requirements
  • Short installation distances
  • Carbon and stainless steel versions



The Ventex® Explosion Isolation Valve is a passive float valve designed for explosion isolation. The valve is designed to operate by closing when the pressure wave of the explosion slams and locks the valve shut.

The valve can be configured for use as a single acting or double acting arrangement. Double acting valves are able to isolate in both directions. All Ventex® valves can be configured to isolate in the same or opposite direction of the process airflow. Vertical and horizontal valves can be built to allow for flexibility on the installation location.



The Ventex® valve is ideal for use for light dust loading or clean air isolation applications on a variety of different process equipment. Examples include dust collectors, cyclones, mills, pneumatic conveying receivers, and dryers.

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