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Custom-Tailored and Innovative Solutions for the Bulk Material Processing Industry.

Allgaier Process Technology GmbH not only offers individual machines, but also turnkey system solutions designed to perfectly meet the needs of specific customer applications. In addition to high-performance drum dryers, fluidized bed dryers, and disk dryers, as well as combined dryer/cooler systems, the division’s product portfolio includes tumbler screening machines and vibration screening machines that can meet the most demanding quality requirements when it comes screening a variety of bulk materials to an extremely fine degree.

Over 50 years of experience in process engineering and more than 30,000 material test series have made Allgaier Process Technology GmbH the partner of choice for a variety of leaders in the bulk material processing industry.

  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas
  • S. Mississippi


Allgaier offers a wide range of modern and high-quality classifier machines with a wide range of variants.

Allgaier machines can operate in the ultrafine powder range with particle sizes of less than one millimeter. Clean and reliable separation of small, heavy, light, dry, dusty, wet and sticky materials can be guaranteed.

Sizer are powerful and flexible screening machines for bulk solids in the processing industry. Sizer handing capabilities cover a wide range of materials, going from fine materials, through medium sizes with high feed rates, all the way to material chunks weighing up to 3 metric tons.


Relatively simple sorting tasks can be solved with less complicated processes. This is where separating tables are used, in which an air flow separates materials with different weights or densities from one another. It is chiefly companies from the industrial areas of chemicals, wood, waste and recycling as well as glass manufacture and mineral processing which use these systems for recycled, flat glass and hollow glass just as much as for plastic flakes, minerals, limestone and quartz, as well as for talc, magnesite and rock salt.

Allgaier offers a comprehensive range of dryer systems and machines to the process industry. Their rotating drum dryers as well as fluidized bed technology is used in virtually every segment- from mining, minerals, plastics, ceramics, animal feed, fertilizer, pigments, recycling, bio pellets/fuels to food processing & pharmaceuticals.

The drying technology product portfolio includes complete solutions which take the various drying processes as well as processes for cooling and calcining, and rationally link them together with granulating and screening technologies. The “MOZER System” rotating drum dryer is regarded as a classic industrial drying product; it was developed several decades ago and has been continuously optimized ever since.

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Allgaier’s product flowsheet covers the needs of virtually every single industrial sector.

Drum dryers/coolers are used to dry/cool free-flowing bulk materials. The most important characteristics behind these systems are their high output rates and their ability to process solids with particle properties that vary heavily or that have very wide size distributions.

  • Single Shell (TTD)
    • Up to 12’ (3m) in diameter
    • Up to 120’ (30m) in length
  • Double Shell (TT)
    • Counter flow drying method
    • Small footprint
  • Triple Shell (TT-TR)
    • Combined cooling option
    • Fine particulate applications
  • Drying/Cooling Combinations
    • Drying and cooling in one piece of equipment
    • TK+ option transfers the residual heat from already dried product to wet product (20% savings)
    • Water cooling option available

The extreme versatility of the rolling bed dryer is based on its simple idea of product circulation. A large bulk of biomass is permanently circulated and mixed by highly effective paddles. This basic idea combines a flow through large bulks of product for good heat transfer with continuous movement of the product for even drying results.

  • Wood chips
  • Green waste
  • Bark
  • Digested residues
  • Animal feed (e.g. lucerne)
  • Marc
  • Sugar beet pulp
  • Bagasse
  • Cereals
  • Horse manure and straw

Fluidized bed dryers/coolers are used in a broad range of process engineering applications to handle solids and liquids, and are primarily recommended for fully developed process solutions with production parameters that are constant.

An upward airflow fluidizes the solids being handled, causing it to assume a fluid-like state and ensuring that optimum drying, reaction, and handling conditions are achieved.

Fluidized bed dryers/coolers are primarily used in the chemical, pigment manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical, construction, minerals, ceramic, fertilizer production, plastic, and recycling industries.

Allgaier dispersion dryers are perfect for handling fine powders that have a very high moisture content and that will disintegrate during drying. It is also suitable for material that can be pneumatically conveyed.

The material is dried within a few seconds, meaning that the thermal load to which it is subjected is minor. Dispersion dryers can be used virtually in all industrial sectors.

IDEAL FOR Starches, potato granules, sodium sulfate, grass fibers, chitosan, film scraps.


Allgaier Product Brochure
Allgaier Product Overview
Washing. Drying. Cooling. Screening. Sorting.


Over 50 years of experience in process engineering and more than 30,000 material test series have made Allgaier Process Technology GmbH the partner of choice for a variety of leaders in the bulk material processing industry.

With companies in the south and north of Germany, in Sweden, Spain, the USA and India, as well as numerous sales agencies worldwide, the Allgaier Process Technology division serves more than 30,000 customers in the bulk material processing industry. The division’s global core brands are Allgaier, Mogensen, Gosag, and Mozer, which are known for custom-tailored and innovative process engineering solutions.

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