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Nol-Tec Systems specializes in pneumatic conveying, material conveying systems, and dry sorbent injection technologies. Whatever your bulk material handling need may be, Nol-Tec Systems can help with reliable expertise with Dense phase conveying, Dilute phase pneumatic conveying, Dry sorbent injection, Pneumatic blending systems, Bulk bag handling, Dust collection design, and Electrical process controls.

Nol-Tec has a complete, state-of-the-art product design testing facility at their headquarters in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, where they can reliably duplicate your field conditions and conduct trials on the exact materials you’re conveying.

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Bulk Materials Handling

Practical, Cost-effective Solutions

Nol-Tec designs and manufactures pneumatic conveying systems for the processing of dry bulk materials. We are capable of creating or implementing technology for all aspects of your system, from new models and upgrades, to complete controls integration for your entire process. Our solutions are low maintenance, dust free, require minimal cleaning and take up less space in your plant’s overall footprint. Choose your desired solution below and get detailed information on how our experts and systems can help you improve your process for the long haul.


Dry Sorbent Injection

A dry sorbent injection system is an effective method of pollution control that uses ground, powdered, or other fine-grain sorbent materials to reduce harmful emissions from exhaust gases generated by industrial processes.

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Nol-Tec Systems Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying s the ideal method of transferring abrasive, friable, or mixed-batch materials, and is used in numerous industries, from food processing to general chemical production to manufacturing.

Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying

From sorbent injection to truck unloading, to all manner of general applications requiring transfer of powdered or granulated bulk materials dilute phase pneumatic conveying provides superior material handling performance.

Pneumatic Blending Systems & Mixer

You can reliably and repeatedly achieve homogeneous blends of powdered, granulated, or abrasive materials with Nol-Tec’s proven pneumatic mixer and pneumatic blender technology.



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Nol-Tec Systems balances sound technical expertise with innovative thinking to provide custom-engineered pneumatic conveying system solutions. We partner with our industry leading customers to ensure we understand and exceed their expectations. We empower our highly skilled employees to challenge the status quo, while utilizing their broad experience, to deliver mutual success for both our customers and ourselves.

Since 1983, Nol-Tec Systems, Inc. has been one of industries’ most trusted and respected global suppliers of pneumatic conveying, bulk material handling, integrated control systems, and dry sorbent injection systems. We are headquartered in Lino Lakes (Minneapolis), Minnesota, with associate companies in Italy, Chile, and throughout Asia. Our decades of steadfast dedication to unparalleled customer service and high-quality custom-engineered systems and controls are what separate Nol-Tec Systems from other manufacturers.

Nol-Tec works diligently to become a long-term partner with companies who come to us for conveying or automation solutions. We work together, putting their goals first to help them become more efficient, productive, and competitive.

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