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Roto-Disc Valves

Valves, Airlocks and Diverters

Roto-Disc, Inc. has been making valves, airlocks and diverters for difficult dry and slurry material handling applications since 1984. Roto-Disc valves are designed specifically for dry material and overcome the natural weaknesses of other valve styles while handling even the most difficult applications. With thousands of successful installations handling hundreds of types of materials, you can trust that Roto-Disc will solve your valve problems.

All Roto-Disc valves are designed and manufactured exclusively in the U.S.A.

Manufactured in USA

ISO 9001:2008 Certified:

  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi
Roto-Disc® Spherical Valve
Roto-Flate Inflatable seal spherical valve
Roto-Disc® Airlock/ Double-Dump


  • Mechanical & Electro-polishing
  • Thermal Regulation with Water-cooling
  • Special Flange Drilling
  • Large Valve Design
  • Valve Repair (retrofit)
  • Clean-in-place (CIP)
  • Roto-molding
  • Throttling/Dribble-feeding


Roto-Disc® valves handle a wide range of dry and slurry material in many different applications. Here is just a sample of the many diverse valve installations:

General Chemical Potassium Tantalum Isolation Valve
General Chemical Silica Gel Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying
General Chemical Hydro Bromine Salts Line Shut-off
General Chemical Zinc Stearate Reactor Fill/Shut-off
General Chemical TiO2 Silo Discharge
Alternative Energy Crumb Rubber Lock-hopper Valves
Diversified Food Cake Frosting Mixer Discharge
Diversified Food Maltodextrin Control Valve
Major Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Powder Vacuum Dryer Discharge
Major Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Powder Centrifuge Discharge
Biofuels Rapeseed (Canola) Gasification
Aggregate & Mining Aluminum Silicate Powder Silo Discharge
Agricultural Processor Poultry Biocide Nauta Mixer Discharge
Agricultural Processor Corn Gluten Weigh Bin Fill
Batteries Magnesium Dioxide L.I.W. Feeder Refill
Bio-pharmaceutical Dried Milk Formula Air Lock (Double-dump)
Coal Fired Power Plant Hot Fly Ash Bag House Discharge
Flavorings & Spices Powdered Flavoring Mixer Discharge
Flavorings & Spices Salt & Seasoning Ribbon Blender Discharge
Petrochemical Catalyst Reactor Fill/Shut-off
Petrochemical Polyester Chips Reactor Fill/Shut-off
Petrochemical Plastic Pellets L.I.W. Feeder Refill
Glass Products Glass Batch Hopper Discharge
Hazardous Materials Recycling Broken Glass Roaster Inlet & Discharge
Plastic Pellet/Resin ABS Powder & Pellets Box Filling
Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Uranium Pellets Air Lock (Double-dump)
Nuclear Waste Processing & Disposal Uranium Oxide Powder Air Lock (Double-dump)
Oil Field Services Deep-sea Drill Cuttings Dense-phase Conveying
Pigments Color Pigments Nauta Mixer Discharge
Specialty Chemical Ceramic Balls Air Lock (Double-dump)
Specialty Chemical Sulfamic Acid Reactor Fill/Shut-off
Powdered Metals Metallic Brake Shoe Fibers Mixer Discharge
Powdered Metals Titanium Sponge Air Lock (Double-dump)
Original Equipment Manufacturer Activated Carbon & Polymers Mixer Discharge
Original Equipment Manufacturer Cigarette Additive L.I.W. Feeder Refill
Pet Food Cat Food Hopper Shut-off


Roto-Disc Soft Seat Replacement

Roto-Flate and Roto-Vert-Flate Inflatable Seal Replacement

Roto-Disc Heavy Duty Spherical Sanitary Valve

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