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Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor


Monitor guided wave level sensor




Proven Flexar® Technology Installed In Thousands Of Bulk Solids Applications
  • Guided wave radar to monitor the level of powders, granules and other bulk solids
  • Proven Flexar® Technology Installed In Thousands Of Bulk Solids Applications
  • Reliable TDR (a.k.a Reflex Radar) Technology Used For Decades
  • “Smart” Transmitter Output For Use With Industry-Leading SiloTrack™ Inventory Management Software
  • Measuring Range Up To 100ft (30m) In Solids And 200ft (60m) In Liquids
  • Unaffected By Airborne Dust, Bulk Density, Temperature, And Other Properties – Ideal For Powders And Pneumatically Filled Solid
    Process Temperatures To +300°F (150°C)
  • No Field Calibration Required – Easy To Install And Setup
  • Optional Analog Output For Easy Connection To Existing Control Systems Or Indicating Devices
  • Wireless Sensor Interface Solutions
  • SiloTrack(TM) PC-Based Inventory Management Solutions
  • HMI2 Local Operator Interface Option


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    The Flexar® continuous level measurement system is a smart guided wave radar device used for monitoring the level of powders, granules and other bulk solids as well as many liquids and slurries. It is also suitable for use with a variety of liquids and some slurries. It is used in a wide assortment of vessels and industries for measuring levels up to 200ft (60m) in height. Combining this proven and strategically acquired technology with almost five decades of expertise and focus in powder and bulk solids applications, and with the SiloTrack™ inventory management software interface, Monitor Technologies uniquely provides the best solutions in level measurement and inventory management of powders and bulk solids. The Flexar guided wave radar level sensor and/or transmitter requires no field calibration or re-calibration and can be setup easily by customer personnel without the use of any special tools or training. Flexar units are suited for almost any application, can operate with process temperatures up to 392° F (200°C), can be provided with a variety of process connections and can work reliably with materials having a wide range of bulk densities and dielectric constants. Flexar is available with a choice of two outputs. The standard output is a “smart” interface for use with SiloTrack™ Version 3.5 PC-based inventory management software. This network-ready software provides a flexible graphical interface for up to 128 “smart” output sensors. In lieu of this “smart” output, an optional analog output is also available.



    • Solid-State Performance, No Moving Parts
      Unlike weight and cable based systems of old, Flexar® guided wave radar level sensors are state-of-the-art and use a time-proven electronic method for continuous measurement of a material level. This non-mechanical means of measurement helps ensure low maintenance.
    • Measure Materials With Dielectric > 1.4 (TBF Mode)
      Flexar sensors are capable of sensing and measuring the level of most any material. Materials with dielectric constants below 1.8-2.1 require the use of our TBF (tank bottom following) measuring mode.
    • Unaffected By Dust And Changes In Material Properties
      The technology employed in Flexar units has been proven to be unaffected by airborne dust even during pneumatic filling operations. Unlike through-air technologies such as ultrasonic, through-air radar and laser, Flexar can reliably measure in dusty environments without sacrificing performance or reliability.
    • Range Of Probes
      In order to handle the assortment of applications possible with Flexar, Monitor offers a range of probe styles including single-cable, twin-cable and single-rod. All probes are constructed of 316 stainless steel, have traction load handling capabilities suitable for their respective applications and are easily field replaceable. Consult with Monitor’s factory-based technical support personnel to select the right probe style for your application.
    • Assortment Of Process Connections
      To meet the required bulk solids and liquid applications we have prepared a selection of process connections that will ensure a smooth and simple installation. Flexar sensors can be provided with 1-1/2” NPT, 1-1/2” BSP G, 2” ANSI or DIN DN50PN40 flange connections. Probe type will determine the available process connections.
    • Dual Compartment Enclosure
      The Flexar smart guided wave radar sensor uses an enclosure with two compartments, each with its own access cover. This allows separation of access for wiring and setup/display. The setup/display compartment is provided with a cover window allowing local viewing of the LCD display. In addition, every unit is provided with either two 1/2” NPT conduit entrances (NPT threaded and ANSI flanged process connections) or M20 cable connectors (BSP threaded and DN flanged process connections).
    • Local LCD Display And Setup
      Each sensor includes a built-in user interface consisting of a three-line backlit LCD display, three pushbuttons and three magnetic sensors (used to perform setup and interact with the unit without having to remove the display cover).
    • Universal Power Supply
      Power supply choices include a universal high voltage option 100-240 VAC and a low voltage 24 VAC/VDC option.
    • Choice of outputs
      The standard output for all Flexar guided wave radar units is a “smart” RS-485 communications interface for use with SiloTrack™ Version 3.5 inventory management software. In lieu of this “smart” interface an analog 4-20mA output is available.
    • Remote electronics available
      The standard unit includes the electronics integrally mounted with the sensor. However, remote mounted electronics is optionally available for applications where the electronics are desired to be mounted away from the probe due to extreme vibration, temperature or for convenient access to the local operator interface. The remote electronics version includes a pre-wired 16.4ft (5m) interconnecting cable.
    • All units include the CE mark and are approved for use in ordinary locations.

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