Dry solids metering and handling

Acrison’s award-winning designs for dry solids metering/handling equipment are recognized worldwide as the most viable, versatile and durable in the industry.

From a wide-range of dry solids multiple auger metering and hoppering mechanisms, to ultra high resolution, calibration and adjustment-free, non-load cell weighing systems, Acrison holds hundreds of worldwide patents covering the majority of its mechanical and electrical designs. The company designs and manufactures equipment that delivers maximum flexibility, optimum levels of performance, and the lowest cost-of-ownership possible. Acrison systems and feeders installed over 35 years ago are still in daily use continuously metering an endless variety of products in thousands of installations across the globe.

In addition to equipment demonstration and materials testing, Acrison also offers comprehensive end-user field and factory-based training programs, focusing on equipment operation/maintenance, as well as customized seminars dealing with the specific application of Acrison products.

Approtec represents Acrison in Texas, Louisiana, and Southern Mississippi.

For over 50 years, Acrison has maintained a leadership position in the application of unique and innovative technologies for dry solids metering and handling. Acrison’s user-driven approach to product development and equipment design is the guiding principle to its ongoing success and the reason that Acrison is a leading global supplier of high performance volumetric and gravimetric feeders, continuous blenders, bin discharging mechanisms, water treatment packages and related control systems to processing industries of every description.

Acrison’s state-of-the-art customer demonstration facilities are the largest, most advanced and best equipped in the industry. They are always available to demonstrate the operation of the appropriate equipment handling the user’s actual material. In most instances feeder evaluations are conducted at the specified production feed rates for the application, and normally testing is conducted without any charge to the customer. Test procedures are generally completely automated with the capability to sample at intervals as brief as 0.1 seconds in duration.


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