Airlock / Double-Dump Valve

Airlock/ Double-Dump Valve by Roto-Disc®

Roto-Disc® Airlock/ Double-Dump

Airlock/Double-Dump valves

For processing dry or slurry material into or out of pressure or vacuum environments.

Roto-Disc® Airlock/Double-Dump valves are the solution for processing dry or slurry material into or out of pressure or vacuum environments. Intermediate accumulator chambers are designed for ledge-free flow of material from valve to valve. Cycle-timing and pressure equalization couplings are available for turn-key feeding solutions. These are the perfect replacement for leaky rotary-vane valves or other, flimsy double-dump valves.

Double-dump cycle timer

Programmed to get your throughput

Don’t waste time and money programming what we’ve already programmed!

The Roto-Disc Cycle Controller (RDCC)™ allows you to easily control your double-dump assembly to get the throughput you want.

Purpose-driven programs are available for temporal, gravimetric or volumetric control, all with manual override. Save programs for specific recipes/batch sizes and monitor the system through an intuitive LED screen.

Customized for your process

Roto-Disc® Airlock/ Double-Dump

Custom intermediate accumulator chambers to meet a specific volume and/or takeout space requirements are available.

Roto-Disc® Airlock/ Double-Dump

Feed Hoppers & Funnels are available per customer requirements. Assembly supports supplied through engineering partners

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Temporal, Gravimetric, Volumetric or Manual Feeding Solution

Roto-Disc Double-Dump

Roto-Disc’s design takes double-dump valves to the next level. Our double-dump assemblies can be used to process material into/out of differential pressure environments by timing, weight or volume, and even switch between any of these in just minutes.

This is a revolutionary processing solution that can take the place of other feeding devices and make your process more efficient!