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Heavy-Duty Spherical Valve


Roto-Disc® Spherical Valve


  • Direct-Drive System with no taper/shear pins
  • Standard actuators with more torque
  • High-strength shafts
  • More robust bracketry
  • New generation of seat reinforcing materials for maximum wear resistance, corrosion resistance and stability at high temperatures
  • Stainless steel bushings with lip seals to prevent product migration into bushings
  • Lock-out solutions
  • Pellet bevel modification
Direct-drive system eliminates taper/shear pins both inside and outside the valve.
  • Square shaft ends and dome holes are machined to exacting tolerances and ground by hand to provide a perfect slip-fit that won’t allow the actuator and dome to become decoupled.
  • Seat replacement is a cinch – just take off the seat retainer and drop in a new seat. No shaft adjustment or alignment, no counter-rotating bushings – NO HASSLE!
  • Sticky, gummy, abrasive substances, powders, pellets, granules, chips – almost anything that runs through a process line can be handled by this valve.
  • If you can’t afford to spend time looking for replacements or have your valves out of service for repair, you need a Roto-Disc. It could end your valve headaches forever!
Roto-Disc®The Original Heavy-Duty Spherical Valve


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    Roto-Disc Valve Fully Open
    Roto-Disc totally open

    Material falls unobstructed through the inlet opening. Nothing is in the flow stream to cause product bridging, so you get the full flow capacity of the valve. Notice that the sealing surfaces are protected from direct contact with material.

    Roto-Disc valve part open
    Roto-Disc closing

    As the valve begins to rotate closed, the dome wipes against the seat, cutting off the flow of product and pushing material above or below the valve instead of wedging it between the dome and seat. The design naturally resists abrasive wear and there are no pinch points or places for material to hang-up.

    Roto-Disc valve closed
    Roto-Disc fully closed

    Closure is clean and the valve is fully seated. The dome and seat form a positive seal that eliminates leakage across the seat. Double O-rings prevent leakage through the stems.


    Roto-Disc® Spherical Valve
    1. Position Indicators with visual beacon let you and your control system know the position of the valve.
    2. Standard actuator is a double-acting rack & pinion type. Spring-return, Vane-type and Electric actuators are also available. Maintenance lock-out solutions supplied on upon request.
    3. Product contact surfaces can be grit and electro-polished up to a mirror finish. Food-grade configurations available with all product contact surfaces of either polished 304/316SS or food-grade PTFE (FDA 21 CFR177.1550).
    4. Seat retainer protects seat from exposure to material flow.
    5. Close-coupled (Namur) solenoid valves (12VDC – 240VAC) control the actuator and can cause the valve to fail closed, fail open or fail last. Proportional controllers available (4-20mA, 3-15psi) for throttling and dribble-feeding. Solutions available for Intrinsically Safe, AS-i, Foundation FieldBus, DeviceNet, ProfBus DP and ModBus environments.
    6. Optional spray nozzles for interior wash-down in place. CIP ports for spray balls or spray wands are also available.
    7. ANSI 150# flange drilling (thru holes) is standard. Threaded, DIN PN10 or custom flange drilling is also available.
    8. Shafts are sealed with double O-rings and are bubble-tight. Lip seals are used on many valves to prevent material from migration into the bushings.

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