Sanitary Spherical Valve

Roto-Clean® Valve by Roto-Disc®

Sanitary Spherical Valve

Sanitary Spherical Valve

Sanitary, quick-clean design

The Roto-Clean® valve incorporates the same, essential features of the Roto-Disc® valve in a sanitary, quick-clean design that disassembles and reassembles, by hand, in just minutes. All product contact surfaces are of FDA compliant materials. If you have to clean your processing equipment frequently and are tired of valves that gum-up, jam or leak, the Roto-Clean may solve your valve problems forever – and save you downtime too!

Pressures & Temperatures

Roto-Clean valves are typically used in gravity flow or low-pressure/vacuum applications and at ambient to slightly elevated temperatures.

Please consult Roto-Disc, Inc. for Roto-Clean applications at elevated temperatures or pressures.

Typical Applications

  • Food and Pharmaceutical Powders
  • Spices and Flavorings
  • Pigments, Dyes
  • Semi-conductor / High-purity Silicon
  • Any Application Where Frequent Valve Cleaning is Required
All product contact surfaces are polished 304/316 Stainless Steel or food-grade PTFE (FDA 21 CFR177.1550).


Like the Roto-Disc, the Roto-Clean wipes itself clean with each cycle while slicing through sticky, gummy material build-up and there are no internal hang-up points for material to collect and spoil. With the option to mate to connecting equipment with sanitary tri-clamps, the Roto-Clean is ideal for any application that requires frequent cleaning of processing equipment. Save time and eliminate hassle with the Roto-Clean.


Disassembly in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Remove Main Body Clamp and Inlet Plate
  2. Unscrew Thumb Nuts and Remove Controls
  3. Pull Out Shafts and Remove Dome and Bushings

Presto! No two product contact parts are still together and each can be cleaned and sanitized.

Re-assembly is just as easy and in a few minutes, the valve is back in service. Clearances are undisturbed and the controls just slide back on.

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Roto-Clean sanitary airlock valve
  1. Body clamp allows the valve to quickly and easily be disassembled and reassembled.
  2. Inlet plate can be supplied with a ferrule or a stub for direct welding to upstream equipment. Flanged, funnel and other modification are also available for the inlets.
  3. Thumb-nuts for easy removal and reassembly of controls.
  4. Outlet can be supplied with various sized ferrules or as a stub with clamp ring for flex connection to downstream mating equipment.
  5. Optional spray nozzles for interior wash-down in place. CIP ports for spray balls or spray wands are also available.



Body & Dome: Stainless Steel (316, 304), Other materials available upon request.Soft Seats: Stainless Steel Reinforced PTFE, Glass Reinforced PTFE, PEEK, Nylon, Modified TFM, PFA, UHMW

Metal Seats: Stainless Steel (316, 304), Other materials upon request

Coatings & Hardfacings: Electroless Nickel, Tungsten Carbide, Hard Chrome, Teflon® PFA



Roto-Clean valve with weld-stub inlet to be installed on the discharge of a ribbon blender. Generous stub lengths may be offered so the inlet piece can be cut and contoured to the curvature of the blender outlet.