Xpress Ship program

Need valves or gates in a hurry? Pebco has you covered with their Rapid Response Program. Get a stock Eriez metal detector or Hapman’s  standard Helix flexible screw conveyor to ship in as little 2 days. Learn about Eriez’s Xpress program to see how you can get a vibratory feeder to ship in 5 days. Pelletron offers its stock  granular rotary valves & mini DeDusters in 2 weeks.

Don’t forget about our stock dust collector filters & cartridges and rotary paddle bin indicators. Partnered with industry leading manufacturers, we strive to provide fast, reliable and economical solutions.

Eriez Xtreme Metal Detector 2 day ship program

This revolutionary metal detector is made in the USA and offers enhanced features, improved sensitivity, intuitive operation and exceptional reliability.

Xtreme® Metal Detectors in stock sizes ready to ship in 2 days!

This reliable, simple and low-maintenance bulk material handling equipment from Hapman uses a single moving part to effectively convey dry material from one point to another.

Standard Helix Flexible Screw Conveyors 3”, 4” and 5” diameter sizes can be selected, ordered, and shipped in 48 hours or less.

Hapman flexible screw conveyor quick ship
pelletron granular rotary valves

Pelletron’s Mini Series DeDusters in standard package and Granular Rotary Valves in select sizes are now available for Quick Ship.

Get stock equipment in 2 weeks.

Need a feeder, fast? Check out Eriez’s quick ship program for feeders. Includes 32 electromagnetic vibratory drive and tray combinations. Tray sizes ranging from 4 x 20 to 14 x 60 in. and with capacities as high as 22 tons per hour.

Ask about our 5-day shipping program.

Eriez 5 day shipping feeder program
PEBCO Rapid Response Quick Ship Program

PEBCO® now offers its most popular gates and valves in their Rapid Response quick ship program.