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Explosion & Fire protection systems

REMBE® Inc. specializes in complete explosion protection solutions. From consulting, engineering, and DHA services, to customer specific solutions, REMBE® Inc. offers customers cross-sector safety concepts for systems and equipment of all kind. A subsidiary of German manufacturer REMBE® Gmbh, REMBE® Inc. provides solution-based expertise, product distribution, and service throughout North America from its corporate offices and warehouse in South Carolina.

The manufacturing and handling of dry bulk materials present unique combustible dust explosion and fire hazards. Critical products and processes to prevent/mitigate these hazards are developed in-house at parent company REMBE® GmbH. After over 50 years in the industry, REMBE® has become one of the world leaders in explosion protection design, and is actively involved in the conception and development of international standards and regulations.

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Superior Safety Design

REMBE® products are manufactured in Germany according to the latest, up-to-date international standards for management systems, pressure equipment, and explosion safety devices. In addition to quality and reliability, REMBE® is pledged to eco-friendly technologies, manufacturing processes, and compliance with standards. High-quality materials from controlled sources ensure that REMBE® products have exceptionally long lifetimes.

USDA FDA approved explosion panels
After more than 50 years of company history and millions of manufactured products, REMBE® has worldwide experience in a myriad of industries & applications, beyond the few highlighted below. Get in touch to find the optimal solution for you in terms of explosion protection.

Food production, feed mills, pet food manufacturing, grain handling, bakeries, brewery, and dairy facilities all pose unique challenges that require custom solutions. REMBE® offers a complete line of food-grade and hygienic protection products ensure your operation is safe from combustible dust hazards while protecting the quality of your products.


Fires and dust explosions no longer have to be commonplace in your facility handling wood products. Our combination of dust explosion protection and prevention solutions offers you a total solution to combustible dust safety. From consulting & engineering to start-up & maintenance – REMBE® is your safety partner from start to finish.


REMBE®‘s extensive experience securing chemical, plastics, and petrochemical plants can give you confidence that your facility is safe from combustible dust explosions and fires. Reliable solutions custom designed for your process will protect you from downtime or hazards.


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