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Adaptive Mixing Technology

MIXSYS provides cutting-edge solutions for “Adaptive Mixing Technology” – Mixing, Blending, and Bulk Material Handling Solutions –  suitable for all products, across all industries. Supported by continued research, innovation and development, Mixsys provides the perfect balance between the latest technology, dependability and affordability.

food & pet food industry

Food and Pet Food


pharmaceutical industry



plastics and chemical

Plastics & Chemical



Construction & Mineral


  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi

Adaptive Mixing Technology.

MIXSYS has become the leader in the food & pharmaceutical industry with the recent development of EXTRACTASHAFT™ mixer quick cleaning system—providing superior access to the working internals of the mixer for quick accurate cleaning and validation.

In addition, MIXSYS provides proper hygienic seal design, surface treatment and polishing per industry standards to meet any food application.

When product integrity and safety are essential, MIXSYS is the obvious process partner with adaptive mixing technology to meet and exceed all your requirements.





MIXSYS was established with the distinct vision of successfully servicing customers’ requirements through relentless pursuit of excellence. Providing the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology, dependability and affordability, you can rest assured that with MIXSYS, your brand and company will be protected.

MIXSYS is strategically located in Chicago, Illinois — centrally located in the heart of the United States and providing unprecedented logistical support and convenience. MIXSYS also offers a full product test lab for complete on-site testing.

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