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Pelletron Corporation

Conveying and dedusting solutions

Pelletron designs conveying technologies, efficient and cost-effective systems, DeDuster® Systems that removes dust, streamers and other contaminants, as well as rotary valves, diverter valves, Pellbows®, filters and more.

Pelletron has its headquarters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA and a European subsidiary located in Bodnegg/Allgäu, Germany. The company maintains a network of sales and service representatives around the world.

System Engineering & Conveying Technologies

DeDuster® Systems

Separation system that removes dust, streamers and other contaminants

Rotary valves, diverter valves, Pellbows®, filters and more

  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi

System Engineering by Pelletron

Pelletron’s highly specialized Bulkmatology® team has many years of knowledge and experience in designing and building systems that meet the unique and individual needs of its customers.

Whether it is de-bottlenecking an existing system or designing a complete turnkey plant from the ground up, Pelletron’s extensive know-how and experience ensures that solutions are efficient, cost-effective and meet the industry’s highest standards of quality. Pelletron’s project managers are familiar with national and international standards, and are supported by local service providers and suppliers.


The Pellbow
Pelletron quick ship program
Pelletron DeDuster®
Pelletron Diverter Valves
Pelletron Powder Rotary Valve Medium Pressure - PRM
Pelletron Granular Rotary Valve High Pressure
Pelletron Granular Rotary Valve Medium Pressure – GRM



Case Studies
Read Pelletron case studies to learn how their products and services solve difficult problems.
Brochures, Technical Data, and Spec Sheets
Free Dedusting Test
Pelletron offers a comprehensive, free-of-charge DeDusting test to customers around the world.


Pelletron Corporation was founded by Jerry Paulson in 1987 to address the need for a dust removal system to aid in the plastic manufacturing process. The concept, nurtured in the garage of his home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, was based on kinetic energy and its effect on granules as they pass through the pneumatic conveying systems that are a common part of the production process.

Paulson’s solution, the Kinetic Gravity DeDuster®, used a magnetic flux field to disrupt the electrostatic charge between contaminants and pellets, and a patented air wash deck to separate and remove those contaminants. The dedusting process improved product quality, saved production time and reduced scrap.

In 2003, the company began to expand into the pneumatic conveying field. In 2010, pelletroneurope was established in Bodnegg, Germany, to better address the needs of the global market. The company continues to develop and patent various new DeDuster® systems, components and conveying technologies, and today is a well-established supplier for pneumatic conveying systems and components in the dry bulk handling industry. Pelletron Corporation’s highly experienced Bulkmatology® team has many years of knowledge in designing and building systems that meet the unique and individual needs of customers in a variety of industries. Today, in addition to dedusting systems, Pelletron, and its network of representatives, offers a full range of pneumatic conveying products and services to customers world-wide.

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