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Extractashaft Mixer


The MIXSYS EXTRACTASHAFT MIXER delivers well-balanced and uniform particle distribution of blending ingredients.

This Enhanced Mixer Cleaning System is a one of a kind industry first MIXSYS offers with the ultimate quick cleaning technology.

This innovative solution allows the operator to easily access every point inside the mixing chamber and allows for complete cleaning of the chamber and the rotor shaft.

If you have a need for a high efficiency mixing system while reducing your Capital Cost this is the Mixing System for you. Process efficiency and reduced operating costs do not have to be associated with larger batches and increased capital equipment expenditures. We can configure a system that provides a smaller footprint and at lower cost of entry.


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    Inspection Gate:

    • Excellent Sealing
    • Inspectional-hatch with gas- struts
    • Total Safety
    • Easy Inspections

    Mixer with fully extractable rotor shaft:

    • Rotor Shaft can be cleaned out of the mixing chamber
    • Closing system with safety blocks

    Compact Drive:

    • Optimized performance
    • Low maintenance
    • Reduced encumbrance

    Homogenizer complete with knives:

    • Clamp fixing for fast assembly
    • Compact and light weight for easy handling
    • Suitable for food processes (with ani-settling solution)