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Dry bulk solids handling equipment

PEBCO®’s line of standard products come ready to install into your system. Their selection of high-quality, expertly engineered products include slide gates, diverters, loading spouts and chutes, dust suppression systems, and more. In addition, they all come with the ability to be fully customized to meet your needs.

The types of materials your company is handling, plus the environment in which they are processed, will make some parts and materials function better than others. PEBCO has been building better products for more than 40 years. PEBCO engineers are always working to find a better solution, even if that means inventing a new component or machine.


PEBCO equipment is used in applications for a wide range of industries, including cement, sand, coal, iron ore, steel mills, chemicals, plastics, aggregates, grains, fertilizers, food, pet food, plastics, ash, clays and more.

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The PEBCO® Difference.

Need a gate in a hurry? PEBCO® now offers its most popular product lines in their Rapid Response quick ship program. Check out PEBCO®’s Rapid Response Program.

Not using the right materials can potentially increase the wear and tear on your components which means needing a replacement part significantly sooner than expected. Absolute integrity of your PEBCO® equipment will ensure it endures the tests of not only the type of materials you are processing, but also the test of time.




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PEBCO® manufactures the best line of equipment for the dry bulk materials handling industry both nationally and internationally.
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In addition to being recognized by our industry, PEBCO has received awards from the United States Government and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In 1983, the Commonwealth, in conjunction with the Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers, selected PEBCO’s “Uni-Load” as the “Outstanding Product of 1983”. The U.S. Department of Commerce in 1985 presented PEBCO with “Exporter of the Year” for Kentucky. Our engineers hold worldwide patents and have authored a wide range of papers. PEBCO also received a 1997 award from Powder Bulk Solids for PEBCO Cascade Chute.

PEBCO has become an established leader in the coal and cement industries while at the same time expanding our expertise in other materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous ores, minerals, chemicals, and forest products. PEBCO’s products are also used in various other applications such as mining, power generation, waste incineration, lime, fertilizer, and dewatered sludge.

Over the years, PEBCO has assembled a team of specialists with a wide array of experience in various types of bulk material control. PEBCO’s engineering team treats each application individually and custom tailors products to exact customer specifications. Seeking solutions to unique material handling problems, PEBCO’s experience, versatility, and innovation have lead to the development of several patented products, features and options for equipment used in the dry bulk solids handling industry. As a result, PEBCO has patented products that demonstrate the innovation of the company in the field of moving, storing, and weighing bulk solids. PEBCO patents include: ROLLING BLADE Gate®, Mass Flow Feeder control technology, Uni-Load Chute® and the PEBCO Cascade Chute®.

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