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Pebco Dustless Loading Spout

Dustless Loading Spout (DLS)

Dustless Loading Spouts, Positioners and Chutes

The Dustless Loading Spout is used for loading bulk material into trucks, railcars, barges and ships, as well as for discharging materials into stockpiles.

  • Approximate Loading Rate 200 CFM
  • Fugitive dust containment
  • Three cable winching
  • Internal abrasion resistant steel
  • Urethane or stainless steel cones
  • Suggested Dust Collection 800 CFM
  • Travel Lengths Available from 3′ to 15′

PEBCO’s self contained dustless loading spouts are used for loading dry bulk solids into open and enclosed trucks, railcars, barges, ships, and containers. The spouts incorporate a series of stacking cones that contain the product as it free falls into the vessel being loaded. An outer sleeve assembly envelops the cone sections in order to contain fugitive dust.

PEBCO Dustless Loading Spouts are available with spout positioners, integral dust collectors, and articulated loading systems. Cone materials are available in polyethylene, mild steels, AR steels, stainless steels, and chromium carbides.


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    PEBCO spouts have a number of features that are unique and give the user added benefits.

    For all models, PEBCO uses a three cable hoist to ensure even raising and lowering as well as to prevent “cocking”. The gear box and motor are located outside the frame for easy access during servicing. The electric motor is mounted horizontally so any oil leaks from gearbox will not run into the motor.

    The gearbox and cable reels are direct coupled without the use of shearing devices and all components are designed to take the full motor torque. Should the spout get hung up so that it is prevented from rising, the motor overloads will prevent damage to the equipment. Getting back into operation is only a matter of clearing the obstruction and resetting the overloads.

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