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Pebco Single Blade Diverter

Single Blade Diverter (SBD)


PEBCO® offers a variety of diverter gates to divert flow as well as split product flow.

PEBCO® Single Blade Diverter is ideal for diverting gravity flow of materials when it is not critical to have complete sealing between the legs or where cutting through a standing column of material is not required.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Abrasion-resistant steel blade
  • Elastomer seals
  • Various sizes, angles of diversion, actuation styles, and materials of construction.
  • Outboard bearings

PEBCO® offers a variety of diverter gates to divert flow as well as split product flow.

PEBCO® Diverters are designed to efficiently direct material through a selected path of your bulk handling system.  Standard Single or Double Blade, Basket, and Bucket Diverters all offer a number of design features unique to the industry that improve performance and ease maintainability.


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    The single blade diverter is probably the most commonly known and used type of diverter and is often referred to as a “Flop Gate”. The basic exterior construction is quite simple and the design utilizes an interior blade, rotated by a shaft through the side of the diverter. The simplicity of this design, and others in the single blade diverter family, results in a diverter with minimal material retention properties. The blade typically includes seals that prevent material from entering the closed leg making it suitable for applications where small differential pressures exist. External bearings support the shaft which is most often driven by a lever arm and linear actuator. Rotary actuators are available but torque requirements typically make this option cost prohibitive. All diverters in the Single Blade family provide exceptional performance in flow splitting applications. This simple, rugged design has been used for almost all bulk materials in numerous applications for decades.

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