Compact Feeders

Compact Electromagnetic Feeders by Eriez

Eriez Compact Feeder
Eriez’s line of compact electromagnetic feeders are used for everything from simple metering to moving difficult leafy products like flour or gummies, as well as high-speed packaging and high material load applications. All electromagnetic drives are extremely energy efficient, low maintenance with no rotating parts, and can be provided with a range of sanitary and non-sanitary trays.

Models available:

  • Model A Feeders
  • Model C Feeders

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Eriez Compact Feeder with Solid State Control

  • Light and medium-duty
  • Feed rates from 10 cu ft to 25 tons/hr (22.7 MT)
  • Smooth 100% linear control
  • Totally enclosed Electro-permanent magnetic drives
  • Energy Efficient AC operation cuts power use
  • Up to 5 cycles/minute
  • Class II hazardous location drives available
  • Multiple drive configurations
  • Custom tray materials & sizes
  • Available for washdown application
  • High amplitude/low frequency available
  • Simple, Solid-state controls
  • Steel tip point
  • Available to USDA requirements
  • CE and CSA approved

5 Star Service

Eriez Service centerEriez also stocks Spare Parts Kits for immediate shipping, enabling customers to quickly and easily rebuild an applicable Eriez compact vibratory feeder in a shutdown or emergency situation.

These spare parts kits contain everything necessary to rebuild most Eriez Model A, C, High Speed (HS) and High Deflection (HD) Vibratory Feeders. A typical kit includes a corded electrical assembly, diaphragm, shock mounts, elastomers (HS versions), tuning springs (front and back), spacers and associated hardware. How's that for 5 star service?

Model A Feeders

The smallest feeder in the line, this economical model will give precise feeding of the most minute amounts of materials. It is ideal for feeding a regulated amount of granular to small lump material from a hopper to a second process, in small packaging operations or laboratory use.

Model C Feeders

Larger than Model A Feeders, these units use the same patented drive that provides the best linearity in the industry. Special construction is also available for Class II, Group F and G installation.


Eriez 5 day shipping feeder programFeeders Fast, an integral part of Eriez' unique EriezXpress program, guarantees quick shipment of a select number of electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders.

Part of EriezXpress 5-Day, this is a service created to help serve you more quickly and efficiently by offering those with approved credit, guaranteed shipment of a wide assortment of Eriez feeder models within five days from the time they place their order.

Need help tuning your small feeder? Watch this instructional video. Rob Yandrick, Product Manager-Vibratory/Screening, talks about proper use of and tuning of an Eriez vibratory feeder.