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Pull Test Kit Demo

Learn how to conduct a safe and accurate Pull test of your magnetic equipment. When used properly, Eriez’ Pull Test Kit will help users monitor the efficiency of their magnetic separator by measuring the holding force of a magnet.

Starting the Pull Test Procedure

  • Clean the magnet surface. Even a small gap between the pull test piece and the magnet will adversely effect the test results.
  • Select the appropriate pull test piece and spacer for your separator based on the guidelines set forth, and attach it to the scale (if you are using the Graduated Scale).
  • Zero the scale with the appropriate pull test piece by rotating the adjustment knob on top until the scale line measures zero.
  • Allow the piece to attract to the magnet and position the scale perpendicular to the magnet surface.
  • Secure or hold the magnet and pull the scale directly away from the magnet smoothly and evenly. Be careful as the piece may snap unexpectedly from the magnet surface. Note the measurement by reading the metal slide as it moves down along the side barrel of the scale.
  • Repeat the test to verify the results and the method of testing. It is not uncommon for different individuals to record different results.

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