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NDC Series 9 Non-Contact Industrial Gauge

Moisture Measurement Gauge BY NDC TECHNOLOGIES

Series 9 Non-Contact Industrial Gauge

precision near infrared (NIR) technology

Empowering True Process and Quality Control


NDC’s new non-contact Series 9 gauge delivers immediate value to your industrial production applications. It is your next-generation process optimization solution for measuring moisture.


The Series 9 uses precision near infrared (NIR) technology to make a continuous, non-contact measurements of moisture content.

Benefit from Future-Proof Platform – Series 9 delivers the performance and productivity you need now – and for the challenges yet to come – to maximize your process performance and KPIs

Perform Moisture Measurements Across Industrial Applications – confidently perform moisture measurements in applications, such as powders, aggregates, flakes, granules, slurries, paste and more.

Optimize Process and Product Quality – stable, ultra-accurate measurements coupled with unsurpassed performance maximizes the ability to operate your process at peak efficiency and deliver the highest quality products.


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    Moisture, oil & degree of Bake / Brownness for perfect results in every batch.


    Real-time moisture measurement to control combustion.


    Precise Moisture Measurements for Complete Production Control.


    Achieve Optimal Moisture Content During Chemical Powder Production.


    Enhanced Moisture Measurements to Control Drying Process, Quality.


    The Series 9 is used in conjunction with one or more peripheral devices to facilitate data display, networking and process connectivity. It can be incorporated conveniently into closed-loop control systems using its digital and analog connectivity options.

    Data can be displayed locally for operators using the Series 9 Operator Terminal or Gauge Control Interface. A Gauge Control Port allows multiple gauges to be networked (daisy chained). The Power Hub provides power to a single gauge and enables convenient networked arrangements of multiple Series 9 gauges and devices. The Series 9 gauge and peripheral devices are Ethernet enabled and run on 24V DC power.

    A wireless communication option allows operators to remotely view gauge, process and sampling information.

    Recommended configuration
    The Series 9 is typically located over a conveyor belt at a key point in the process: just after a drying process for example, where the product can be measured to give meaningful feedback for process and quality control.
    Powdervision sampling system
    In gravity-fed enclosed ducts, our pneumatic PowderVision sampler can be used with the Series 9 gauge. This device comprises of a fitting tube with window and a sample detection cup which fills with the falling product. Once a sample has been collected and measured, a jet of air ejects it and the cycle recommences.
    In discontinuous product flows, the Series 9 gauge can be integrated with an optional "high-speed" gating system to detect the product's presence or absence in discontinuous flows. The gating system avoids recording data when nothing is passing across the measurement area.
    In fluid bed dryers, the Series 9 gauge can be installed to measure moisture in powders through a sight glass, while ensuring that the measurement area is below the powder line.

    For more details on how the Series 9 measurement system can be integrated into you quality process, please contact us.