Vaculex® TP – Barrel Handling

Vaculex® TP is extremely versatile and handles a great variety of goods in size, shape and weight. It grips the goods from any side, requires minimal training to operate and you can easily rotate either the lift or the goods 360º to place it where required. Vaculex® TPH is the low headroom model of the TP-series. It can be mounted in places with 2meter space to the ceiling. Have the same amount of flexibility and available accessories as the Vaculex® TP. Standard max weight is 40 kg which can be increased to 65 kg. The Vaculex® TP family includes TPH, TP Scale, BaggageLift and TP Combi.

Vaculex VL – Ergonomic handling from Piab

Vaculex® VL is the user-friendly and powerful lifter, operated with two hands, mostly used in general industry where the need for specialized heavy-duty tools are common. Vaculex® VL can lift almost anything between 30 and 250 kg. With the right combination of accessories Vaculex® VL can lift multiple objects at once, tilt and rotate goods.

Watch it in action at various applications.

Vaculex – Ergonomic handling from Piab

Ergonomic handling solutions are available to meet the demands of all kinds of applications and can lift almost any type of product; parcels, baggage, sacks/bags, boards, glass, kegs/barrels, bottles, food, stone, windows etc. Depending on its purpose it is available in various number of combinations. With standard, as well as custom made suction feet with its high-quality suction cups, you can lift almost everything. As is proven to reduce strain injuries, being user friendly as well as keeping top quality promises, it will increase productivity of the application.