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Dust Tight Grate In Housing


Eriez introduces the best, most-dynamic easy cleaning Grate in-Housing the industry has ever seen. Dust-tight construction and sanitary interior, with an advanced modular design that gives you the option to upgrade a manual clean unit to a fully automatic unit with simple hand tools and a bolt-on cover. This groundbreaking convertible design is something no one else offers.

DSC Easy-to-Clean Features:

  • Dust Tight
  • Upgradable, Modular Construction
  • Sanitary 2 housing interior is standard (Optional Sanitary 2 full interior)
  • Removable discharge chute or catch pan
  • Spare Parts and Replacements (Tube and Tube Scrapers)

Automatic Easy-to-Clean Features:


  • Two air cylinders for simultaneous pneumatic operation of both grate rows
  • Bolt-on safety cover for tube retraction area
  • NEMA 12 Pushbutton Control Panel and Air Prep Station


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    This is your go-to magnetic separator for dry, free flowing products. With Eriez’ single-skinned tube design, the iron is removed with an A286 stainless steel split ring (or Teflon ring for food products) sandwiched between two floating wipers. As the individual banks cycle, tramp iron is stripped from the tubes outside the product zone. The tramp metal is then discharged through a small chute at the front of the housing. The traditional cleaning cycle is reduced to a simple push-pull operation, or flip of a flow valve for our self-cleaning models.

    Dust Tight Sanitary Grate in Housing


    Dust Tight Construction (standard)
    Dust tight construction is the primary focus with this model. The DSC handles fine powders better and some head velocity pressure while maintaining a nice positive seal.
    Sanitary Interior (and options)
    The housing is standard Sanitary 2 on the interior. The tie bar is bolted on but you have the option for it to be welded sanitary as well. Whatever your sanitary requirements, we’ve got you covered!
    Convertible Design
    This feature allows you to start with a manual clean DSC with the option to upgrade the existing unit to a fully automatic one. You do not need to purchase an entirely new unit should the need for an automatic ever arise. Simply purchase a Conversion Kit and use hand tools to bolt on upgrades to convert it into an automatic cleaner. No cutting, no welding, no hassle.

    Automatic DSC Grate in Housing
    This is the same housing pictured in the Manual Clean above, just 'converted' to Auto
    The new Easy to Clean DSC Grate in Housing Magnet combines a state-of-the-art design with the industry’s most powerful Eriez Xtreme RE7 magnet circuit. According to the results from performance testing conducted by The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), the Eriez® Xtreme® RE7 Tube Circuit is significantly stronger than any other magnet on the market today. Eriez’ magnet was also among the best performers in terms of magnetic flux density.


    No cutting, no welding, no hassle. If the unit is installed in an area that is difficult for an operator to get to and the magnets are not being cleaned, the manual clean DSC unit can easily be converted to an automatic easy-to-clean unit with the purchase of the Eriez Conversion Kit.

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