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Recycling Test Center

Recycling Test Center BY ERIEZ

Full-scale laboratory with state-of-the-art recycling equipment to determine the most effective solutions for the toughest separation challenges.


Test your own materials with testing procedures customized to your own unique challenges and get recommendations on equipment and reports on expected recovery rates and payback periods.


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    Eriez’ new Recycling Test Center is dedicated to provide recycling industry customers a full-scale laboratory opportunity to test their own materials on Eriez’ state-of-the-art recycling equipment. Housed in their recently-expanded Wager Road plant in Erie, Pennsylvania, the facility has the capability to perform sorting tests on ferrous and nonferrous materials such as zorba, twitch, zebra, zurik and other mixed shredded metals (ASR) fines, wire choppings, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic flake contaminated with aluminum and work-hardened stainless steel.

    better recovery at a higher grade and lower cost

    Eriez’ metal recovery equipment, either as individual units or complete systems, is designed for efficient and economical processing of municipal solid waste, comingled recyclables, shredded automobiles, electronic scrap, glass cullet, plastic (PET), foundry sand and many other resource recovery operations. Testing equipment includes Eriez’ RevX-E® Eddy Current Separator, Ultra High-Frequency Eddy Current Separator, Stainless Steel Separator and several magnetic separators.

    The Test Center is also equipped with a metering feeder to regulate feed to individual pieces of equipment and a screen with multiple size fractions to help determine which size is optimal for each process.

    Perform sorting tests on:
    • ASR
    • C&D
    • Bottom Ash
    • Glass Cullet
    • Plastics and PET
    • MSW
    • Upgrading Zorba, Zurik
    • Wire Choppings
    • Recover / Upgrade stainless steel
    • Ferrous / Nonferrous recovery
    • Ferrous / Nonferrous upgrading

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