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Partnered with leading North American & European manufacturers engaged in numerous battery projects globally and domestically, Approtec Ran-Le brings cutting-edge equipment and systems that can play a pivotal role in your success.
Our manufacturers have pioneered solutions to address the unique challenges of the evolving lithium production landscape. Schedule a learn and learn with us at your facility where our experts will introduce you to our cutting-edge equipment and systems tailored to meet the demands in this rapidly developing market. Streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and explore new technologies.

With the discovery of possibly the world’s largest Lithium deposit along the Nevada–Oregon border, domestic Lithium mining might ramp up as demand for Lithium is expected to triple over the next five years. DVMFs reduce contamination in lithium dramatically by utilizing a high-intensity electromagnet and revolutionary flux converging matrix.

A best practice for hard rock mining operators is to install suspended electromagnets (SEs) and metal detectors in combination to protect crushers and belts. The belt magnet removes ferrous material as it passes under a magnet on a
belt or vibratory conveyor, while a metal detector detects ferrous metals missed by the SE and all nonferrous metals. This an important preparation procedure as the fine powders move to the DVMF.


Eriez Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filter (DVMF) Removes Fine Iron-Bearing Contaminants Found in Lithium and Other Hard-To-Flow Powders.

The DVMF is perfect for both lithium producers and users, with units placed prior to and after mill processing.

Eriez 1200 series metal detectors
Metal Detection & Magnetic Separation

Protecting your product and equipment from dangerous ferrous and nonferrous metal contamination.

Rota-Grates are specially designed to remove both large pieces of unwanted iron as well as minute ferrous particles from material flows that tend to clog and bridge when passed through small openings.

Matcon cone valve IBC combo


For cathode and anode powders, you need tried-and-tested equipment that can deliver product consistency and contained transfer at all stages. All contact parts can be Halar (ECTFE) coated to protect against contamination or corrosion, safeguarding your formulated powder mixture. Matcon’s Cone Valve technology is proven to accurately discharge even the most difficult flowing powders used in battery compound production.

The fast-growing electronic vehicle (EV) market has significantly raised the demand for high-density, spheroidized graphite used for the anode in lithium batteries. The need for material purity is paramount in the battery industry and Prater MAC Air Classifiers process dry materials to exceptional fineness and uniformity over a wide range of feed variations.


Prater’s MAC Air Classifier’s offers separations from 3 to 150 micron. Specially designed to ensure the feed material entering the classifying vortex is unimpeded by re-circulating coarse fractions and an adjustable secondary air stream that improves collection of near-size particles. The MAC can easily be installed in existing air systems with minimal modification.

MAC Air Classifier

As the world seeks cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions, the key to success lies in optimizing the handling of essential materials within the battery industry. In battery manufacturing and recycling, ensuring that materials like Graphite, Carbon Black, Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese, and Black Mass are handled with the utmost care, precision, and expertise is critical.

Carbon Black, for instance, presents a unique set of challenges due to its physical properties and handling requirements. Carbon Black is a finely divided carbonaceous powder with a high surface area, making it highly prone to dusting and creating potential safety hazards. Ensuring uniform dispersion and precise incorporation into battery materials, while minimizing waste and ensuring worker safety, requires specialized equipment and handling expertise. With decades of industry experience and a proven track record, Hapman is an established expert in Carbon Black handling solutions. Learn More. 

Tubular Drag Conveyors
HAPMAN Conveyers, Feeders, and Bag Fillers

Hapman’s Tubular Drag Conveyor is dust-tight & totally enclosed, conveys vertically, fits in tight areas, can start & stop under load, and handles product gently.

Hapman has partnered with Greif-Velox to supply the cleanest, most efficient packaging equipment specializing in ultra light materials.

Russell Finex Check screeners
The Russell Compact Sieve® quickly removes contamination from powders and liquid slurries. It is extremely quiet and doesn’t need any tools to disassemble. Compared to a standard vibratory sieve of the same diameter, the Russell Compact Sieve® achieves much higher capacities. This simple and effective design makes it the ideal choice for many powder and slurry application encountered in the Lithium extraction and battery production industry.

Battery manufacturing processes release toxic dust particles including lead, nickel, cobalt, and aluminum, that pose significant health risks like lead poisoning and potential for explosive incidents. Nanomaterials are increasing used in battery production to increase energy density and improve battery performance. The unique physical and chemical characteristics of nanomaterials used in battery production can create a significant combustion risk under the right conditions. Ultium Cells was recently fined for 19 safety violations following battery plant explosion last year.

Combustible Dust & Dust Collection Systems

Battery manufacturers working with combustible nanomaterials should conduct a dust hazard analysis (DHA) and implement dust safety strategies to mitigate the risks of a combustible dust explosion. Additionally, dust collection systems are the most cost-effective way to limit workers’ exposure to lead dust and improve air quality. They work around the clock, using advanced filtration technology to safely capture and contain airborne contaminants. Moreover, facilities must stay compliant with emerging regulations and dust collection systems are often the most cost-effective solution.

Approtec represents Rembe, a global leader in explosion and process safety systems that offer Dust Hazard Analysis, consulting, engineering, and safety products and services. Approtec also represents Donaldson Torit, an industrial leader in filtration systems providing comprehensive dust control systems, as well as Fisher-Klosterman, a global leader in severe service particulate filtration that supplies high efficiency cyclones and venturi scrubbers.

Downflo® Evolution