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Steel Industry

PEBCO made in america

PEBCO manufactures many different types of equipment that goes into Steel Mills.

Steel mills & metals processing are some of the harshest environments, requiring some of the toughest equipment.  PEBCO® is acknowledged worldwide for reliable, ruggedly built control and loading equipment engineered for the steel mills industry.

Innovative patented technology and years of engineering expertise makes PEBCO® a leading steel mill processing equipment manufacturer that can be trusted to offer unmatched quality to the steel mills sector.

PEBCO® helps keep you up and running with bulk materials handling equipment systems that are custom designed to your specific requirements, easy to maintain, and resilient. With PEBCO’s new Rapid Response Program, it now offers unmatched lead time as popular sizes of standard gates, valves dustless loading spouts and transitions ship in 2 days, not weeks!

Steel mill equipment by PEBCO

Highlighted Equipment

PEBCO Dust Suppression Fog System
  • Fog dust collection systems are highly efficient, patented, fine particle scrubbers that use very little water, no chemicals, and do not increase the overall moisture content of the flowing material by more than a few hundredths of a percent.

  • Agglomerative Dust Suppression (ADS) fog and water based dust control systems for the control of fugitive emissions from loading, unloading, crushing, screening, conveying, and other bulk material handling applications in the industrial workplace.

  • The System is designed to deliver superior dust suppression 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with proper service and maintenance.

Raring Fog System installed on the discharge of a Dustless Loading Spout used to control fugitive dust in an open truck loading application.

Pebco Dust Suppression Fog System
Dry Fog System
PEBCO Rolling Blade Belt Feeder
Rolling Blade Belt Feeder
Design introduces flow in the direction that the belt is running.


Chute incorporated as part of the gate.


This design is unique in that it provides both precise material flow regulation and positive shutoff.
Rolling Blade Belt Feeder
PEBCO Rolling Blade Belt Feeder
PEBCO Fluidized Conveyor
Ideal for conveying abrasive material which can wear screw conveyors and cause maintenance problems with belt, drag, and vibrating conveyors.
PEBCO fluidized conveyor
  • No internal moving parts
  • No mechanical drive components
  • Low maintenance

Principles of Operation:

“Air Hockey”

  • Powders that will aerate
  • Porous Media
  • Fluidization
  • 8º slope required for product movement

Fluid-Like Flow

  • Gravity Flow
  • Fluid Behavior
PEBCO® Flapper Valves & Double Flapper Valves create metal-to-metal sealing surfaces for vacuum or pressure applications. Both versions can be customized for high temperature applications and have additional optional features.
One Way Flapper Valve

One Way Flapper Valve

For those applications where a double lock gate is not required.

  • Classic airlock design utilizes metal-to-metal sealing surfaces
  • Simple, robust construction is suitable for vacuum or pressure applications with abrasive material
  • Outboard bearings and adjustable shaft packing is ideal for high temperature applications

Double Flapper Valve

  • Typically used in high temperature or abrasive applications
  • Handles ash, clinker, and stringy materials
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Few moving parts
  • Flat contact seating surfaces
  • Superior wear characteristics on abrasive material
  • High temperature capability
Double flapper valve
PEBCO® Diverters
PEBCO® Diverters are designed to efficiently direct material through a selected path of your bulk handling system. PEBCO’s standard Single or Double Blade, Basket, and Bucket Diverters all offer a number of design features unique to the industry that improve performance and ease maintainability. Available in standard industry configurations or  customized to your specific requirements.


The PEBCO® family of Diverters is ideal for handling a wide variety of materials across an impressive range of conditions. In the most challenging applications ranging from run-of-mine ores to sticky gypsum or finished cement, and with temperatures from 50°F below zero to over 1000°F. PEBCO® diverters have operated flawlessly for years and continue to do so today.

Single Blade Diverter with Externally Accessible Seals

  • Provides diversion and flow splitting capabilities
  • Pressure loaded seals for wear compensation
  • All wear components can be easily accessed and replaced through the side of the diverter body
  • Ideal for powders, plastics, or granular materials
PEBCO diverter
  • The Single Blade Diverter with externally removable seals locates the blade tip out of material flow when the diverter is in the selected position.
  • The diverter also utilizes a bulb seal under the blade to prevent leakage to the non-diverted leg.
Dustless Loading Spout Positioners

Utilizing a rack and pinion style drive system, PEBCO’s Spout Positioner is impervious to dust and debris due to a self cleaning drive mechanism. The redesigned seal around hopper perimeter improves life and reliability, and the drive system is spring loaded, allowing the pinion gears to disengage from the rack in the event of an obstruction impeding travel of hopper.

Spout Positioner (DLSP)
  • Ease of field replacement of hopper seals.
  • Hopper is supported by low friction polymer slide bars and the slide bars are maintenance free!
  • Ease of in-field replacement of drive assembly – The assembly is an integrated self-contained drive module and it takes the removal of only (2) bolts from the positioner for quick and easy replacement.
  • Ease of in-field hopper replacement due to the modular design of the hopper and hopper carrier.
  • Standard hopper construction of AR400 class abrasion resistant steel. Options for stainless steel, UHMW lined, Weld Overlay Lined, ceramic lined, and most any other customer specified liner available.
  • Single and Dual axis configurations available.
Dustless Loading Spout Positioner (DLSP)
With 40’-0 single axis positioner with each spout travelling 20’-0
PEBCO Dustless Loading Spout
PEBCO® Dustless Loading Spouts are the industry standard for reducing dust emissions.


Ideal for many types of material handling, standard configurations can be implemented in almost any application and integrated with existing dust collecting capabilities.

  • Outer sleeve for fugitive dust containment
  • Three cable winching for stability
  • Internal polyethylene, abrasion resistant steel, stainless steel or urethane cones
  • Utilized to load trucks, railcars, barges, ships as well as for stockpiling applications
PEBCO Dustless Loading Spout (DLS)
Dustless Loading Spout (DLS
  • Inlet cone is bolt in for easier replacement
  • Motor and reducer are externally mounted and self supporting on the shaft to ease replacement and maintenance
  • Multi-piece cable drums allow for easier lift cable replacement, reducing downtime
  • Slack cable switches are externally accessible allowing for easier switch adjustment
  • Outlet cone is bolt in for easier replacement
  • Lift cable adjustment is accessible on the lift ring of the outlet
  • Discharge can accommodate hatch style or direct pile loading
PEBCO loading spout