Inventory Management System

Continuous level monitoring inventory management system

SiloTrackTM Cloud Remote Inventory Management BY MONITOR TECHNOLOGIES

Stop Climbing Silos!

Continuous Level Measurement with Inventory Management Software - PC & Cloud Based

Remote Inventory Management Software

Securely access material inventory data from any device

  • Interface With Multiple Sensor Technologies
  • Simple Local And Remote User Access
  • Vendor/Remote Managed Inventory Solution
  • Bilingual – English/Spanish
  • Standard Advanced Features

Flexible Remote Inventory Management

  • Access real-time material inventory data from any device that has an Internet connection.
  • Intuitive, flexible and powerful graphical user interface.
  • Manage multiple locations with multiple silos / vessels.
  • Control user permissions through secured login profiles.

Information at Your Fingertips!

  • View distance, level, volume, weight, percentage and ullages (empty space) for silos.
  • See multiple silos on one screen. Filter to see only specific locations or silos.
  • Set level alarms and monitor sensor status... Configure e-mail and text notifications.
  • Create, save and generate configurable reports.
  • Automatically e-mail reports to specific users. (Facility Manager, Dispatcher, etc.)
  • Access historical data to create trends, improve inventory / procurement efficiencies.

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Inventory Management Software Overview

Monitor Technologies is a leading provider for a wide range of solutions in continuous level measurement and remote inventory management systems for the storage of powders & bulk solids in bins, silos, vessels, etc.

SiloTrackTM - Cloud Based Inventory Software

SiloTrackTM Cloud web-based application places inventory management at your fingertips! Securely access material inventory data from continuous level sensors using any device with Internet connection. Set level alarms and receive e-mail and text notifications. Create & export configurable reports for accounting purposes and to improve inventory efficiencies. Ideal for Remote Managed Inventory (RMI) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions.

SiloTrackTM - PC Based Inventory Software


Immediate Access To Important Data Via Network Ready Server/Client System
SiloTrack PC Software

Example configuration of a SiloTrack™ system with a LAN and remote users.

  • Immediate Access To Important Data Via Network Ready Server/Client System Via LAN, WAN/Internet And Dial-Up
  • Unique Set-Up Wizard And Intuitive Operation Simplifies Use And Operation
  • SiloTrack™ System Security Will Satisfy Your IT Department
  • Monitor Up To 128 Sensors And Display Distance, Level, Volume, Weight, %, As Well As Alarm, Relay And Sensor Status
  • Advanced Features Including Multiple Sensors Per Vessel, Auto Report Generation & Transmission, Custom Curve-Fit Weight Table, Export Capabilities And Auxiliary Outputs

Continuous Level Sensors on Vessels


“Smart” Cable-Based System

Ideal for READY-MIX / CEMENT facilities
with "fluffy" or dusty materials

Silo Monitoring Unit


Non-Contact Radar

Ideal for farms with their own GRAIN HANDLING
/ ELEVATOR set-ups

RadarRight Non-Contact Radar Level Sensor