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Plumb Bob Style Level Sensor SMU


Silo Monitoring Unit




Weight and Cable-Based “Smart” Level Sensor designed to handle some of the harshest and most dynamic conditions.



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    • Weight and Cable-Based “Smart” Level Sensor Is Unaffected By Material Composition
    • Level Sensor Uses Innovative Hall Effect Technology To Maximize Application Reliability By Effectively Regulating Power To Motor Under Varying Load Conditions
    • Wireless Bluetooth® set-up allows operator to utilize a free configuration app on an Android(TM)-based device with Bluetooth capability to easily configure the SMU set-up.
    • Widened array of programmable features including cable cycle limit and relay output for high or low distance threshold setting, error indication or cycle operate
    • Modbus(TM) connectivity lets RS-485 version of the SMU communicate with existing control systems
    • Measuring Range Up To 150 feet (46m) For Powder Bulk Solids Material Levels In Bins And Silos. (Works For Some Liquid & Slurry Applications With Optional Ball Float Plumb Bob)
    • Industry–Best Measurement Resolution Of 1/100’ (0.12”; 3mm)
    • Virtually Maintenance-Free
    • Split-Compartment Enclosure Isolates Electronics And Measurement Optics From Process Material
    • Uniquely Designed Wiper Seal Compartment For Fast, Easy Servicing or Replacement If Necessary
    • RS-485 And Analog Sensor Outputs Available
    • Hazardous Location Sensor Version
    • Wireless Sensor Interface Solutions
    • SiloTrack(TM) PC-Based Inventory Management Solutions
    • HMI2 Local Operator Interface Option
    • Auxiliary System Outputs Available



    The Silo Patrol® SE Inventory Management System is an industry-leading cable-based smart level sensor system that is designed to handle some of the harshest and most dynamic conditions. The Silo Patrol SE system incorporates state-of-the-art sensors, a wide choice of operator interfaces, auxiliary outputs and displays, as well as unique remote/vendor managed inventory solutions. The Silo Patrol SE delivers a truly robust level sensor design, providing reliable and high value solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries worldwide. The Silo Patrol SE incorporates significant advances in this field-proven approach to reliably monitoring the level of material in bins, silos and tanks up to 150ft (45.7m) in height. The Silo Patrol SE level sensor technology is suitable for use with a multiplicity of powders, granules, slurries and liquids, even in the most harsh and dynamic conditions. The heart of the Silo Patrol SE level measurement system is the sensor itself. The Model SMU (Silo Monitoring Unit), incorporates technological advancements, requires no field adjustments and its robust design provides virtually maintenance-free operation. The SMU is suited for most any application and can be equipped with a variety of mounting flanges and plumb bobs. The Silo Patrol SE system also offers sensor interface choices:

    • RS-485 “smart” communications output with wireless Bluetooth® set-up and Modbus connectivity
    • 4-20mA analog output with wireless Bluetooth® set-up

    The “smart” RS-485 output version SMU can be connected with either the multi-functional HMI2 Operator Interface Control Console or with SiloTrack™ PC-based Inventory Management Software that provides a flexible graphical interface for up to 128 sensors. Also includes Modbus connectivity to communicate with other operator interfaces or control systems being used at facilities that utilize Modbus.

    If a stand alone level detection sensor with analog output and no operator interface display is what you are looking for, the SMU is available in this type of configuration at an affordable purchase price. The SMU is available as a truly stand alone analog output transmitter, including automatic measurement initiation and a relay output.


    • Industry-exclusive use of magnetic Hall effect sensor technology monitors swing-arm movement and improves overall application reliability and performance, even with the most difficult dynamic conditions
    • Microcontroller technology provides “smart” motor control, high resolution/accuracy and consistent performance under the most challenging and dynamic conditions
    • Lock-out input on all models to restrict sensor from initiating a measurement cycle (used to disable measurement during filling operations)
    • Industry-exclusive electronics certified to international CE 1010 standard ensures compliance in shock hazard protection, electromagnetic noise interference and generation
    • Complete electrical isolation between inputs/outputs and earth ground eliminates ground loops and ensures proper long-term operation and data communication
    • Superior resolution of 0.01ft (0.12”; 3mm)
    • Unique optical measuring system uses an amplification circuit to maximize signal-to-noise performance
    • Relay output standard on analog output version provides contact closure based on user set level, sensor failure or measurement cycle operating


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