Vibratory Level Sensor – DuraVibe PZP

Vibratory Level Sensor - Diamond Probe by Monitor Technologies

Vibratory Level Sensor - Diamond Shaped Probe


Vibratory Level Sensor for Powders & Bulk Solids



What's the DuraVibe Advantage?

DureVibe PZP is fail-safe, versatile and easy to use, with the strongest probe in the industry!

Reliable & Fail-Safe Sensor

  • Self-cleaning diamond shape probe eliminates false signals found with “tuning fork” designs.
  • Fail safe feature provides alarm in case of a power failure.

Incredible Versatility

  • Works with varying moisture, temperature, material composition.
  • Detects very light (1.5 lb/ft3) to heavy, dense materials with proper protective baffling.
  • Pipe extension, cable extension and high-temp units are available

Why is DuraVibe the industry-leading vibratory level sensor?

Exceptional Durability


DuraVibe PZP Diamond Tip Sensor

  • Stainless steel probe construction for durable, maintenance-free performance.
  • Patented steel gusset design provides industry-leading probe strength.
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Housing.

Easy Setup & Use


DuraVibe PZP visual indicator

  • No calibration required! Easy installation and commissioning.
  • Bi-color external LED provides visual indication (ord. location only).
  • Two Conduit Openings.


Set it & Forget it!
  • Three sensitivity settings for optimum performance.
  • No calibration required! Easy installation and commissioning.
Superior third party approval compliance.
  • Ordinary and Hazardous location approvals - View Specifications
  • Intrinsically safe probe for ultimate hazardous location protection



PZP’s exceptional sensitivity can reliably sense lightweight material such as expanded polystyrene beads and fumed silica (Aerosil®)

Typical target materials

Sugar Chalk
Flour Chemicals
Spices Polystyrene beads
Salt Styrofoam®
Powdered milk Plastic pellets
Tea (leaf) Cellulose
Whole or ground coffee Glass
Rice Powdered clay
Peanuts Carbon black
Feed & Grain Foundry sand
Tobacco Gravel
Ice chips Cement
Sawdust Fly ash
Wood shavings ..and more!

Practical applications

  • Ideal choice for reliable detection of materials whose physical characteristics are variable, such as, changes in moisture, temperature, composition or geometric shape.

  • Suitable for storage vessels where material is regularly changed. For example, one day corn is stored and then another day beans are stored.

  • Excellent for extremely lightweight materials with densities as low as 1.5 lb/ft3 (24 kg/m3); with a maximum particle size about 1.6 inches (40 mm).

  • Acceptable for installations where material clings to sidewall as probe is tip-sensitive and unaffected by material build-up near mounting base.

  • Level detection / back-up protection for dust collection hoppers.

Principle of Operation

The DuraVibe™ Model PZP point level sensor is a mechanical resonance system that is excited at a resonance by an electrical circuit. Two piezoelectric crystals are mounted internally at the probe’s base. The electronic module generates an electrical signal that has an equivalent frequency to the probe’s resonant frequency; this signal is applied to one crystal, which causes the probe to vibrate.

The vibration is monitored by the second crystal which provides an electrical signal back to the electronic module. When material contacts and surrounds the probe, the vibration is dampened and the signal from the second crystal is reduced.

This signal reduction is detected by the electronic module, which reacts by providing a signal out of the module through the relay contacts. The sensitivity for the PZP is selectable. The single probe design prevents material bridging, which is a common problem with the dual-blade (“tuning fork”) design.


Pipe Extensions

DuraVibe PZP with pipe extension

  • For high and low level applications that extend beyond the length of a standard probe.
  • Top-mount is intended primarily for high-level applications and is suitable for lengths up to 12’ (3.6m).
  • Side-mount is acceptable for short lengths and where probe is properly supported.

Cable Extensions

DuraVibe PZP with cable extension

  • For top-mount, high-level applications where head clearance prohibits mounting of pipe extension or where free-hanging weight is preferred.
  • Suitable for lengths up to 20’ (6.1m).

High-Temp / Remote Electronics

DuraVibe PZP with remote electronics

  • For applications where it is necessary to keep the electronics away from the vessel due to excessive temperatures or vibration.
  • Interconnection of sensing probe and electronics is done by a conduit.
  • Standard separation distance is 6’ (1.8m).