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DustAlarm® Broken Bag Dust Detector





The Dust Alarm® ES dust monitor provides reliable and economical detection of leaks and filter failures in many powder and bulk solids industries.

SET it & Forget it!

The Dust Alarm® ES detector is designed for broken bag dust monitoring / filter leak detection in the exhaust ducts of baghouses, cartridge collectors, cyclones, and any other dust collector systems containing filters which may break or wear out. The sensor uses proven AC Triboelectric technology with advanced algorithms to filter out noise and provide the most accurate dust measurement. The “ES” stands for Easy Set-up since you simply press a button to enable the automatic calibration.


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    Monitor’s two-year warranty stands behind every DustAlarm detector.

    Safety and Cost-Savings Benefits

    •  Monitor the efficiency of dust collection systems and know the optimal time to replace filters.
    • Monitor for unexpected events that can cost time, money, material loss, equipment damage and other problems.
    • Economical dust monitoring that provides an alternative to opacity detection.
    • Greater Reliability with Field-Proven Triboelectric Measurement
    • Adjustable Sensitivity, Alarm Level and Time Delay for Operation with a Wide Variety of Powders and Bulk Solids
    • Integral Assembly of Sensor and Electronics in Rugged NEMA 4 Housing
    • Remote Electronics/Probe Option Available
    • 316 Stainless Steel Probe with Specially Designed Insulator
    • Multi-Colored LED Indicator Makes Setup Quick and Easy
    • Quick-Disconnect Mounting Provides for Ease of Installation and Maintenance


    The DustAlarm® Broken Bag Detector provides reliable and economical detection of leaks and filter failures in many powder and bulk solids industries. The DustAlarm is successfully utilized in a wide variety of applications where detection of dust levels is critical either to safety, maintenance, equipment operation, plant efficiency and/or the environment. The DustAlarm measures the triboelectric effect to determine when particle emissions exceed acceptable levels.

    The DustAlarm Broken Bag Detector incorporates visual indications and a relay output to maximize its user-friendliness and automation capabilities. A reference point is set by the sensitivity control adjustment, aided by the tri-color LED. The alarm point is set by an alarm level control adjustment. The relay output can be used to activate an alarm device or can be integrated into a control system to enhance the overall operation of the dust collector.

    The vibration is monitored by the second crystal which provides an electrical signal back to the electronic module. When material contacts and surrounds the probe, the vibration is dampened and the signal from the second crystal is reduced.

    This signal reduction is detected by the electronic module, which reacts by providing a signal out of the module through the relay contacts. The sensitivity for the VibraRod is selectable. The single probe design prevents material bridging, which is common with the dual-blade (“tuning fork”) design.


    Sensitivity Adjustment
    The tri-color SIGNAL LED guides the user through the sensitivity adjustment procedure. This LED can be yellow, green or red. While the dust collector is running efficiently and clean, the user adjusts the sensitivity until the LED is green.

    Alarm Point Adjustment
    The alarm point is adjusted by setting the Alarm LEVEL control (1 to 10 times the baseline signal level). The emission level exceeds the alarm point, is indicated by illuminating the SIG>LEVEL LED.

    Time Delay
    The time delay feature enhances operation and control minimizing the occurrence of false signals that might occur during normal operation and cleaning cycles of the dust collector. The time delay provides a 0 to 60 second or 0 to 10 minute adjustment.

    Rugged Construction
    The rugged NEMA 4 housing is to be used in general purpose environments and incorporates a screw-on/off cover for easy access to the adjustments, a cover lock mechanism and convenient LEDs used during installation and setup.

    Unique Probe Design
    The sensing probe is 316 stainless steel with a specially designed PFA extended insulator that helps protect the unit from false signaling due to product build up.

    Quick-Disconnect Mounting
    The quick-disconnect mounting coupling provided with each unit is used to mount the DustAlarm to the exhaust duct or pipe and simplify the removal of the device if necessary to clean the probe.

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