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Combustible Dust Testing

Is my dust is combustible?

OSHA and NFPA have both set forth guidance that all materials that may be considered combustible should be tested in order to clearly identify and assess the hazard.

Variations in moisture content, particle size, particle shape, or composition can affect the explosiveness of a dust in significant ways.

Experts at Dustcon Solustions can assist you in determining what samples to test and what tests should be conducted.  Once testing is completed, a formal report is generated and we can help with analyzing the data.

The tests below are most commonly used to fully characterize the risks associated with your dust and can be grouped as shown below:

Will the dust cloud ignite?

How strong is the dust explosion?

How easily will the dust ignite?

What are the limits of explosibility?

For more information on Dust Testing Services, get in touch or read more at Dustcon Solutions.

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