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Moovinator by Haf Equipment
vacuum filter receiver

The Moovinator is a vacuum filter receiver used when pneumatically conveying powders. It is often used in vacuum systems when a vacuum blower or regen blower is pulling powders from one point to another.

  • Horizontal Load Moovinator is great for low head height applications.
  • Top loaded tool free Moovinator is great for fast change overs and sanitation requirements.
  • The Moovinator has been used with materials as fine as carbon, materials as sticky as sugar, materials as oily as cinnamon, and materials as abrasive as pet coke.
  • From general industrial to food to dairy to plastics, the Moovinator as been used in many industries.


What is so great about it?
Original Designers of Horizontally Loaded Filter Receivers
  • The Moovinator is designed with a higher than normal air to cloth ratio, which in turn provides a smaller unit than traditional vacuum receivers.
  • Designed as tool free quick take apart so that operators and maintenance personnel can easily clean the equipment.
  • Customers can pick the horizontal side load unit or the top load unit depending on the application.
  • Sliding hinge or fixed hinge provides tool free entry to product zone.
  • The horizontal load unit can fit in tight conditions, meaning low head height applications.
  • Price competitive, durable, and highly efficient, the Moovinator is available in carbon steel painted, 304SS, and 316SS, is a size to match your process rates.


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    What other equipment do I need with it?

    We handle powders from silos, bulk bags, bag dump station, screeners, mills, etc. – Wherever the material is coming from, we can pick it up and pneumatically convey it to the Moovinator.

    If the material is not abrasive or not fragile, then an airlock, pick up shoe, and a blower is used to either push or pull the material to the Moovinator.

    If the material is abrasive or fragile, we would dense phase vacuum convey the material with the Moovinator and a blower. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch to discuss your application.


    Moovinator series HLe filter receivers expand the original proven round tube Moovinator line for airflows to 3,000 CFM.
    Suitable for Food, USDA-3A dairy, Functional Foods and Chemical processes. 
    Horizontally loaded envelope filter media is easily accessed through side of housing. By incorporating envelope filters into the Moovinator round series housings, larger airflows and convey rates can be handled with ease. Clean air plenum along with tube sheet is hinged for great access to dusty air plenum. Blowpipes are fixed to plenum door, which increases speed of change over and provides a more sanitary platform. Housings are modular in construction and are available in either a 100” wg rated square housing or -15” Hg rated round housing. Optional sliding plenum hinge allows instant access to dusty air plenum without removing any media elements. A full compliment of modular discharge cones, devices and accessories are available with this series. Get in touch to learn more.

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