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USDA 50 LB Bagger



HaF specializes in quick clean and easy to clean equipment, a very important feature in sanitary applications. Responding with creative solutions, Haf adapts key design specs to your unique application.

Here is a recently commissioned 50-Lb Bagger for a USDA application packaging spray dried powders from a milk based raw feed.

There are several important features that weRE included for this specific bagger.


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    Surge Hopper

    A simple item, such as a hopper, can be overlooked when designing a 50-Lb bagging system.  The purpose of a surge hopper above the bagger is to provide residence time for the powder to settle.  This settling period provides a more consistent flow of material at the bagger, thus providing more consistent weigh-ups.  If you would like to know HaF’s design setpoint for residence time, email us and we will work with you on your application.

    Variable Pitch Screw Auger

    The screw auger design is critical for bagging applications. HaF has several different auger designs, depending on bulk density and flowability (sluggish or free-flowing) of the material. They provide different auger profiles specifically suited to customers’ powder.

    For dairy applications involving bagging (bag filling) spray-dried powders, HaF has a specifically designed auger setup tailored to accuracy, poor flowing materials, and flood filling materials.

    Inflatable Filler Head

    The operator places an open-top bag on the filler head and uses a foot pedal to start the cycle. The inflatable filler head expands to seal the bag inlet. The bag is held in place on the filler head, which is connected to the load cell. The weigh up begins.

    Shutoff Valve and Accuracy

    At the discharge of the screw auger, HaF utilized a shutoff quick clean valve that will stop the flow of powder in order to meet the tolerances of the weigh up.

    By utilizing the specifics of HaF’s designs, and the multipoint features of the feeder, HaF typically meets the weigh up the accuracy of +/- 1%, easily.  They have special designs that can achieve 0.1% accuracy.  Contact us if you require this level of accuracy and we will share with you how we can achieve it.


    For this feeder and all other sanitary designed feeders, HaF utilizes their design concept of “Tool-Free Quick Take Apart”.  It is vital in sanitary applications that the operator be able to easily disassemble, clean the equipment, and then reassemble – as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is HaF’s expertise and they have decades of experience designing quick clean and easy to clean equipment.

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