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Hapman bulk bag filler

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Fill bags & FIBCs quickly, evenly, and efficiently. Keep operations effective and your customers happy with consistent & reliable volume of material with Hapman Bulk Bag Filling systems.


Hapman Bulk Bag Filler
The NT Series offers sturdy arms for looped bag handles that can be easily hung, while the bag filling machines in our Heavy-Duty Series are designed with sliding hooks for quick loading of empty bags and safe unloading of full bags. Both models come with Hapman’s exclusive inflatable bladder design for a dust-tight seal during the bulk bag filling process.

  • Bulk bag filling systems are fed either directly from equipment or from a feed conveyor.
  • The empty bag is placed on the secure arms (NT Series) or on the lift hooks (Heavy-Duty Series) of the bag filling machines.
  • The bag spout is placed over the bladder.
  • The filling button is activated to begin the filling of the bladder.
  • Once the bag is securely in place, material can begin to flow into the bag.
  • When the bag is full, the release button is pressed, allowing the bladder to deflate.
  • The filled bag can then be removed from the filling station.

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 enclosed flex screw conveyor

The fill head is designed to help remove the displaced air and dust from the filling process. This provides you with a dust-free filling operation.


Hapman bulk bag filler

Through the use of the optional load cells and batching controls the filling system can provide you with precise feedback as to the exact weights within the bag.


Hapman bulk bag filler

Each Filler is designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs, utilizing numerous standard options and features.


Hapman bulk bag filler

While being ergonomically designed for easy bag access, the Bulk Bag Filler offers very few components that require maintenance.