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Hapman Bulk Bag Unloaders

Hapman bulk bag unloader

Bulk Bag Discharge & Dust Control

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Hapman bulk bag unloaders (or bulk bag dischargers) are engineered to safely and effectively unload large bags, commonly known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC). The structural framework is designed for your specific application.


Hapman bulk bag unloader

Each bulk bag unloader is equipped with the features you need to maximize your bag handling process – from a cantilevered I-beam to an electric hoist and trolley for loading and unloading of bulk bags without the use of a forklift. Other bulk bag unloader designs include frames for forklift loading, and low-profile units for use in low ceiling areas where lack of overhead room would impede the full extension of the forklift.

Also available are bulk bag unloader half-frames that can be used with existing hoist and monorail systems, a loss-in-weight option for uninterrupted feeding directly from bulk bags in batching operations, and other engineered designs for specialized requirements.


Hapman Bulk Bag Unloaders are often used along with other material handling equipment. Below are just a couple examples of how bulk bag discharge equipment has helped facilities in all material handling applications, maximizing their bulk purchases by optimizing how the bags are unloaded.
Hapman Bulk Bag Unloader applicationDry Granulated Material – The customer had a challenging material handling issue - Their product was purchased in bulk bags of various size granules. Their process could only handle smaller-sized particles. To effectively handle the bulk bags and optimize larger-quantity material purchases, we helped this customer by designing a complete unloading and pre-processing system. This picture shows the bulk bag unloader with a hoist and trolley assembly, iris valve at the bag discharge with the spout untie box and hopper. Hapman Vacuum Conveyor lifts the material into a screener, which separates the larger particles out of the process and delivers the small particles directly to the assembly line.

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Application Review

Hapman BB Unloader
Fine Powder – In this application, the customer used a hoist and trolley-style unloader to empty the large bags of protein powder. The discharge valve is a pinch valve, which allows the operator to close prior to the release of material, thus preventing a large instantaneous load on the system. This unit includes an untie box and a hopper. Hapman Helix® Flexible Screw Conveyor is mounted off of the hopper, elevating the powder into the mixer.



Hapman bulk bag filler

Utilizing numerous options and standard features, your Bulk Bag Unloader will be designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs.


Hapman bulk bag filler

There are very few moving parts and very limited preventative maintenance required for the Bulk Bag Unloaders, providing you with years of trouble free service.


 enclosed flex screw conveyor

Through the use of the optional Access Chamber with Integral Dust Collector, your displaced air and dust will be captured and the material returned to your product stream.


Hapman bulk bag filler

Through the use of the optional load cells and batching controls the unloading system can provide you with precise loss-in-weight feedback as to the exact amount of material that has been discharged from the bag.


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