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VFFS ES400 Food Packaging Machine


Viking Masek Sanitary Bagger
SANITARY VFFS Packaging Machine for Foods

Highest sanitary grade VFFS packaging machine for fruit, vegetables, fresh meats, cheese, and frozen foods, and ruggedly constructed to withstand the toughest washdown procedures.

Max Speed
60 bpm

Bag Size
Min: 100 mm x 100 mm (3.94“ × 3.94“)
Max: 400 mm × 600 mm (15.75“ × 23.62“)


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    VERTICAL Bagging Machine for fresh Meats, Fruits & Vegetables


    Ultra-sanitary construction made to withstand the toughest washdown, this VFFS machine enables you to strictly adhere to the food safety protocols and standards required for red meat, fresh poultry and raw fish/seafood packaging.


    Featuring slanted electrical and pneumatic cabinets, fully stainless steel construction, and an open design for ease of cleaning, the ES400 affords effortless maintenance and low cost of ownership; and never uses proprietary parts.
    Sanitary packaging solution

    Bag Food in Hygienic, Flexible Film

    Start bagging your fresh meats and other foods in flexible films rather than rigid packaging. Besides the lower costs and ease of storing & handling, bagging fresh meats and foods in flexible packaging is also a more hygienic way to package uncooked, contamination-prone items.

    Flexible film’s innately strong barrier can be improved with moisture and oxygen resistant formulas. Reduce spoilage, lower production costs and improve sanitation with Viking Masek Packaging Machines.

    Vertical Baggers for Chicken Nuggets, Red Meat, Raw Seafood and Fresh Poultry
    • Flat bottom bag assembly
    • Integration with variety of fillers, printers, metal detectors, label applicators,and checkweighers
    • Vacuum pull belts
    • Hole punch (Euroslot and Round)
    • Carry-handle punch
    • Load shelf
    • Product settler
    • Gas flush
    • Static eliminator
    • Tear notch
    • In-feed and take-away conveyors
    • Remote diagnostics


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