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VFFS M250 Packaging Machine

Intermittent Bagmaker BY VIKING MASEK

VFFS Packaging Machine for Liquids and Dusty Products

The M250’s rugged construction and enclosed jaw drive makes this VFFS bag-maker an excellent choice for packaging in dusty or wet environments.

Max Speed
100 bpm

Bag Size
Min: 60 mm x 60 mm (2.3″ x 3.1″)
Max: 250 mm x 400 mm (9.8″ x 15.75″)


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    Compact & Versatile Bagging Machine


    This compact Form Fill Seal Bagging Machine features an enclosed jaw and sturdy stainless steel frame, making it the best packaging machine for coffee, cereal, cannabis and other dusty products.


    The M250 is an incredibly versatile intermittent motion packaging machine as it can be used for packaging liquids as well as solids.


    Stainless steel, rugged construction lets the M250 package in the harshest dusty and wet environments. Optional washdown construction allows cleaning the machine to stringent food quality regulations.

    Also available:

    VFFS M250 BIB
    Bag in Bag Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine


    Viking Masek Bagger
    • Robust stainless steel frame
    • Enclosed, direct drive jaw actuation
    • Siemens or Allen Bradley control
    • Off-the-shelf components
    • Minimal maintenance requirements
    • Short film path
    • Small machine footprint
    • No tool change-over
    • Self-centering pull belts
    • Automatic film tracking
    • VFD powered film unwind
    • Quick film splice table
    • Product stagers
    • End-seal cooling air
    • Bag deflators
    • Photo-eye and encoder
    • Tri-fold guard door
    • Jaw obstruction detection
    • Runs most film structures
    • Storage for 100 product recipes
    How to Package Nuts Video

    Here is a total packaging solution for almonds that packages at speeds of 49-50 bpm.

    A gravity feed buggy hopper lifts and deposits bulk nuts onto a pneumatic slide which leads to a multi-head scale, where the nuts are weighed to 16 oz fills and dropped into a VFFS M250.

    A zipper applicator and metal detector are also part of the system. After being formed, filled, and sealed, the finished packages are transported on an indexing conveyor.

    VFFS machine maintenance: How to set up the film brake roller Video

    Once per cycle, the packaging machine will stop the film feed to receive its vertical seal and then restart the film feed again.

    The momentum of the film during the stopping motion causes slack to form in the film feed. The slack can make tracking the film difficult, especially at higher production speeds, because slack causes the film to jump around on the rollers. On intermittent motion machines like the VFFS M250, the function of the brake roller is to slow down the momentum of the film during the machines stopping motion.

    Proper timing of the brake roller can fix this problem and improve film tracking consistency.


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