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Magnetic separation to maintain food purity

Cache Creek Foods
Metal detectors and magnetic separators keep contaminants out of food

Based in Woodland, CA, Cache Creek Foods, which started as a tree nut orchard, has blossomed into a multi-million dollar operation encompassing five processing centers. All of its processing centers located in a 60,000 square foot production facility. The third generation family-owned business churns out 50 million pounds of natural tree-nut based products annually, requiring constant attention detecting and eliminating any source of contamination, according to Carl Hartmangruber, plant manager.

Over the last several years, Cache Creek has installed a variety of Eriez®metal detectors and magnetic separation equipment to maintain the utmost in product purity. The Cache Creek system now includes two Eriez Xtreme® Metal Detectors, an Xtreme Liquid Line Metal Detector and a series of ProGrade® Grate Magnets, Plate Magnets and Liquid Line Trap Magnets.

“We have a continuous improvement program to meet our critical control points and all HACCP regulations; it’s all about providing the highest quality food products possible,” Hartmangruber says. “We installed the Xtreme Metal Detectors recently and have used the Eriez magnetic separation products for some time in many of our processing lines.” Cache Creek undergoes third party audits to guarantee the safety of its products and the ability to trace each ingredient and packaging material, and their transportation to and from the plant. Cache Creek is SQF 2000 Certified and meets the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Carl Hartmangruber, plant manager.
We were excited to get the Xtreme Metal Detector in our plant in the fall of 2014. When you are dealing with health-style products, you utilize the best equipment to achieve the best quality food.

I was able to get my quality control and maintenance people to talk with Eriez technicians to figure out how the equipment would work in our plant. The nice thing about the [Eriez] Mobile Training and Education Center is that it brought a wide variety of equipment right to our front door, giving us a convenient opportunity to see it, touch it and feel it. It’s so much better than looking through a computer or at a line card.

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