2-Day Quick Ship Program

Xtreme Metal Detectors 2-Day Quick Ship

Eriez Xtreme Metal Detectors

Eriez proudly introduces the new line of Xtreme® Metal Detectors, ready to ship in 2 days! This revolutionary metal detector is made in the USA and offers enhanced features, improved sensitivity, intuitive operation and exceptional reliability.

  • Place your order and your metal detector will ship in two days.
  • Eriez stocks 19 models to meet most process and packaging needs.
Program includes Sensing Heads, Sensing Heads with Conveyors, Vertical Free-Fall Systems, and Horizontal Liquid Line Systems.

Contact us for available sizes.

  • Huge 7-inch easy-to-use touch screen interface
  • Multiple pre-programmed languages
  • Easy set-up and reporting, with USB and interface ports
  • Remote access capability
  • Stainless Steel Construction/Washdown
  • Tool-less disassembly
  • Compact Footprint

Eriez’ Xtreme® Metal Detectors set the standard for “best in class” performance and offers the greatest dollar-for-dollar value of any detector on the market. This feature-rich, multi-frequency unit is designed to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity to detect small ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metal contaminants.

Combine the Xtreme’s benchmark-setting sensitivities with its feature packed controls in a high-pressure wash down aperture head... all at the price of a mid-range detector, and you’ve got the best dollar-for-dollar value on the market today.

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Order Terms:
Requires completed specification sheet
Start-up assistance by a factory trained representative required per standard service rates

Payment Terms:
1/3 with order, 2/3 net 30 Subject to credit approval

Shipping Terms:
PPD and Add, best way


  • Information & Alarm Tower: Bright, clear LED beacons and adjustable horn provide multiple levels of visual and audible alerts based on the user-defined settings.
  • High-Pressure Wash Down Guard: The Xtreme MD Tunnel version comes with a durable, scratch resistant Plexiglas shield that is secured in position prior to wash down.
  • Multi-Frequency Technology: At the heart of the new Xtreme Metal Detector is an “industry best” multi-frequency machine able to detect the smallest contaminants regardless of the inspected product’s characteristics.
  • State-of-the-Art Software: The “all new” Xtreme® Metal Detector Software provides automatic product setup with self-checking capabilities and calibration verification for simple start-up and operation. All functions, settings and logs are stored and easily accessed by the operator, supervisors or the
  • Single Point Electronics: Electronics are housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure with a single start/stop switch for both the metal detector and conveyor.
  • Stainless Steel Sanitary Construction: Even the base model of the metal detector is Xtreme. Series 304 stainless steel robust housing with a sanitary-welded control box provides an xtreme-ly durable aperture head.

Xtreme® Software

eriez xtreme software

In addition to its rugged construction, the Xtreme Metal Detector offers easy-to-use set up, operation and reporting, all from a large well-designed graphical interface.

Set-up and Operation
While the Xtreme Metal Detector ships with factory pre-set setting for your products (based on actual testing and provided application data), adding new products or changing parameters is simple. The following are a few standard features:

  • Four password protected levels of access
  • Auto set-up and product learning
  • Easily change product boundaries/rejection
  • One touch log reporting
  • Eight fields of data recorded on a large flash drive
  • Multiple communication ports – USB and Ethernet
  • Log/tracks/rejects, on/offs, faults, warnings, product and setting changes, operator changes and much more!