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Metalarm Metal Detectors


Eriez metalarm metal detector
Troughed Conveyor Metalarm is ideal for detecting typical tramp metal such as bucket teeth, large nuts and bolts. Used in a variety of industries like wood, plastics, aggregate and mining. Custom designed to fit existing troughed belt conveyors.


Industrial metal detectors designed to protect a wide range of machinery from damaging “tramp” metals. Used in the aggregate, coal and wood industries, the Metalarm Metal Detectors are designed primarily to protect downstream equipment from damaging tramp metal (i.e. digger teeth, axe heads, etc.), Other models are suitable for the plastic and textile markets, where smaller pieces of metal need to be detected. All of the Metalarm Metal Detectors are custom designed and manufactured to suit your requirements.


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    A variety of Metalarm models are available:

    • Model HH -10 Metalarm: Eriez‘ Metalarm Hand-Held Metal Detector is designed to locate the exact position of small pieces of unwanted tramp metal. The detector activates audio and visual alarms whenever metal is present. This durable, lightweight and sensitive device can be used in a variety of industries that currently employ an existing in-line metal detector.
    • Model TR-10 Metalarm: Consists of two search coil windings mounted at an angle, or vertically, just under the sides of the conveyor belt. It features a uniform sensitivity and offers protection from large, damaging tramp metal. Designed specifically for the aggregate and coal industries and protects secondary or tertiary crushers from tramp metal.
    • Model BR Metalarm: Bridge-style metal detector that’s similar to the TR Metalarm – excellent for detecting tramp metal in heavily mineralized materials with burden depths greater that 14-inches (356 mm).
    • Model PL Metalarm: Designed for flat belt conveyor applications. Especially effective for picking up metal contaminants where the search coil is surrounded by metal conveyor frames or moving metal like mobile crusher applications.
    • Model PL2 Metalarm: Specifically developed for direct attachment to light weight conveyors used to feed granulators with tops and tails, sprues, etc., from molding machines of all types.
    • Model VC Metalarm: Use with Vibratory Conveyors. No need to install a long metal-free section. Model offers an all-in-one unit including search coil and metal-free section. Ease of installation-no support framework required.


    • Easy to install
    • Belt does not need to be cut to install
    • Signal monitoring and self-check facility
    • Mechanical relays to actuate reject devices and alarms
    • High level immunity to radiated signals
    • High density polyethylene encased search coils
    • Detects ferrous and nonferrous metals
    • CE certification

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