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Hand-Held Metal Detector


Eriez handytec hand held metal detector
  • Portable
  • High sensitivity in a shallow field
  • Pinpoint small pieces of metal
  • Find the exact location once a detection has occurred
  • No batteries required!
eriez metalarm hand held metal dtector hh10-sensitivity

The plug-in-and-go design ensures consistent voltages, which optimizes sensitivities unlike battery-operated units which lose sensitivity.

Ideal for hand held use with shallow layers of materials. The HandyTec® Model HH-10 is able to pinpoint small pieces of metal contamination in shallow layers of nonferrous product. When used downstream of an in-line metal detector, it can help find the exact location once a detection has occurred and the product flow has stopped. Also commonly used to locate needles in garments and other textiles.


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    The Eriez Model HH-10 Hand-held Metalarm Metal Detector is a portable device designed to detect small pieces of metal in a wide range of products. It is particularly valuable in a situation where a stationary metal detector, with high sensitivity in a shallow field, is used to scan a large or wide product flow such as sheet goods or textiles, and where the stationary detector can localize metal pieces only within a fairly broad area. The hand-held detector can then be used to isolate the detected metal contaminants precisely within the area identified by the fixed detector.

    As a part of the EriezXpress program, the HH-10 is now in stock and ready for next day shipment.

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