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Metal Detection in Packaged Nutraceuticals

Global Health IndustriesGlobal Health Industries
Eriez Metal Detector is used to inspect bottled powdered food supplements, packaged capsules and tablets, ensuring total quality control.

Global Health Industries, the family owned business in Ogden, Utah has established numerous product safety checkpoints, starting with the receiving of raw materials and ending with final packaging prior to shipment. All manufacturing, formulating, microbial testing, packaging and research and development are done on-site. Global Health Industries’ facility currently holds a Certificate of Manufacturing from the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA), which is the Australian Government Department of
Health and Aging, one of the most active regulatory agencies in the world for dietary supplements.

According to Lead Operator Kim Wybrow, the quality control process includes the use of two Eriez® Metal Detectors that detect tramp metal contamination before product is sent to their customers. “We handle subcontracting for multi-million dollar supplement companies, so it’s very important to have equipment like the metal detectors on-site for final inspection of product before shipment,” Wybrow says.

According to Wybrow, one Eriez Metal Detector is used to inspect bottled powdered food
supplements while the other scans packaged capsules and tablets. Though finding metal
particulates is rare, it is essential that contamination is detected. Once the contaminant is found, the products are quickly diverted to an automatic reject system, ensuring total quality control.

Wybrow states, “You never know how clean the raw material will be once it comes in from our suppliers or if any small metal works its way into the processing end. Metal slivers can come off a stainless steel mixing vat or a capsule machine. Sometimes a screw or small washer falls off during the production process. These pieces are quite small and can be picked up by the Eriez Metal Detectors. Once the metal is detected, a light comes on and the product goes through the reject system. It does add another level of safety for our customers.”

Kim Wybrow, Lead Operator.
We’ve had very good luck with the Eriez Metal Detectors; they are always running….no matter what. Our customers are very demanding and we are in an industry that requires product purity. Eriez helps us meet that purity expectation.

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