Weight-Loss Weigh Feeders

'Weight-Loss-Differential' Weigh Feeders by Acrison Model 403 Series Overhead type weighing systems specifically designed for continuous or batch weighing of dry solids or liquids on a 'weight-loss' basis Model 403 Weighing Systems are technologically advanced lever mechanisms (scales) utilizing Acrison designed and manufactured stainless steel flexures for all pivotal connections. Frictionless in operation, these performance-proven…
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Dry Solids Volumetric Feeder

Self-Emptying Single Auger/Agitator Metering Mechanisms by Acrison Model 170 Series Dry Solids Volumetric Feeders Self-Emptying Metering Mechanism and Single Metering Auger Acrison’s Model 170 Series of Volumetric Feeders for dry solids are specifically designed for complete product cleanout without the need for disassembly or mechanical changes. These feeders 'self-empty' when permitted to operate until empty,…
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