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Tramp Metal Removal in Dolomite Reserves

Magnesita Refractories
Greater ferrous & non-ferrous metal removal with Eriez® Suspended Electromagnets

Magnesita Refractories has operated a 160-acre quarry in York, PA since 1950 mining dolomite, and processes more than 60,000 metric tons per month of this important mineral, composed of calcium magnesium carbonate. When the aggregate is extracted in raw form, it contains numerous amounts of ferrous and nonferrous metal fragments, enough to shut down expensive crushing equipment and cause innumerable downtime situations.

The solution for Magnesita was to install an Eriez® Model SE-7520 Self-Cleaning Suspended Electromagnet for tramp iron removal, and an Eriez® Model 1250 E-1 Metal Detector for additional ferrous and non-ferrous metal removal, providing an effective “double-team” contaminant removal process, according to John Dixon, Magnesita project engineer.

According to Dixon, the process to approach the Eriez team began in 2013 when expensive crushers were being damaged by undetected tramp metal. “The trigger for this project was the fact we spent nearly $750,000 on three crusher repairs for several years and had to find a way to prevent that from happening in the future,” he recalls.

John Dixon, Magnesita’s project engineer.
Since we installed the Eriez Metal Detector and Suspended Electromagnet, we have had no crushers rebuilt because of tramp metal.

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