Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection

Eriez provides complete magnetic separation, metal detection, fluid recycling, feeders & conveyors, material handling equipment, size reduction and metal recycling solutions.

A world authority in advanced technology for magnetic, vibratory and inspection system applications, Eriez designs, develops, manufactures, tests and repairs a variety of equipment & products for numerous industries.

Eriez serves numerous industries, including aggregate, chemical, coal, food, mining, metalworking, packaging, pharmaceutical, plastics & rubber, recycling, textiles and wood, paper & pulp.

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Through innovation, organization and diversification, Eriez has evolved into a technologically advanced, financially sound, international company with manufacturing facilities in Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, Mexico and South Africa, as well as its Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. headquarters. Eriez has sales offices across the United States and some 80 international markets on five continents.

Customers are assured of consistent product quality and fast response from whichever plant is closest to them. Eriez sales engineers and service teams throughout the world reflect the same customer-oriented philosophy.


Eriez founder, Orange Fowler "O.F." Merwin

Orange Fowler “O.F.” Merwin

In 1941, Orange Fowler Merwin, or “O.F.” as he was known, sold equipment to grain millers. Among the most common complaints heard from his customers were about “tramp iron” – stray pieces of metal, such as bits of wire, nails and bolts, even horseshoes and hammers, that somehow found their way into the grain the farmers brought to the mills for grinding.

Merwin investigated a new magnetic alloy called “alnico” (a combination of aluminum, nickel, cobalt and iron), which possessed exceptional magnetic qualities, including peak magnetic strength up to 30 times that of cobalt steel. He devised a permanent magnetic separator in 1942, sold it to a grain miller and his company was on its way.

Today, through the Merwin family’s stewardship, the company has grown through continuous product innovation and worldwide expansion to a half-million square feet of manufacturing space and nearly 1,000 employees.


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